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Weekend coordinator tasks

  1. Monday before the weekend: put out email (see sample below)
  2. Attend Wed meeting, bully people, get sense of numbers and cars, whether we need the mini-van
  3. Shopping: typically 2 breakfasts, 1 evening meal
  4. When trip attendance is finalised (or nearly) let the Meet Sec know and e either he or you should enter the trip on http://www.sport.ox.ac.uk/sportsfed/safety/, hit the "Trip/Fixture Registration Form" (top left), fill in the mandatory fields (*) and do your best for the remainder. Common driver reg's and mobiles, also first aiders on additional sheet.
  5. Make sure someone is organising any kit requirements (under/oversuits, SRT, ...)"
  6. Thursday: put out email to those coming (or oucc local) with a) people coming b) who is in what car/mini van and c) approximate departure times
  7. Hut key: get hut key from Meet Sec
  8. Permits: as #7
  9. If John Pybus is on the trip he generally sorts out the list of who owes what, else you need to give him a list of names, also the club needs to make sure the hut is paid for our visit
  10. Return hut key (either to hut representative or via OUCC Meet Sec.

Sample email


This weekend's meet is ???? which I am coordinating. We are staying in the ???? hut and will be leaving Oxford on ????.

Please let me know either by email, telephone or at the meeting on Wednesday night whether you intend to come.

It would also be helpful to know: 1) who will be driving 2) any special dietary requirements 3) any kit requirements

Weekend shopping

Breakfast (typically Sat & Sun) - bacon - sausages - mushroons - eggs - bread (more rather than less) - cheese - sosmix for vegetarians (can ask them to provide) - tea - beans - orange juice - milk - Cooking oil - Margarine - fruit - Bars of chocolate (mars bars)

Evening meal (spaghetti/tomato sauce): make vegetarian, add meat later for meat eaters - pasta - onions - garlic - tinned tomatoes - tomato puree - olive oil - Parmesan - minced meat