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Pod wins the Tankard in 2004, in recognition of his contributions to OU

How the pod fund works

The pod fund is available to all student cavers who are members of OUCC.  The aim of the fund is to help students who are passionate about caving with the club. 

You can apply to the fund at any time.  It is anticipated that the fund will primarily be used to help pay for personal caving gear (e.g. oversuits, undersuits, helmets and lights, SRT kits), or to contribute to the costs of going on a caving expedition, or getting specialist caving training.  However, you can apply to the fund for assistance with any reasonable caving related costs.  The fund can be used to help cover the costs of OUCC caving weekends, but please note that the fund is not intended to provide financial support for people on their first caving weekends, and is not normally used to support visiting students.

We expect that grants will normally be for up to a maximum of 200 and that within a year between 1 and 4 grants will be awarded, but there is some flexibility in this.  You can apply to the fund more than once - it is unlikely that individuals will receive more than 200 within a year except in situations of particular financial hardship.   

 How to apply

You need to fill out a short application form (Not yet available: email Lou Maurice or Simon Goddard, who administer the fund.)

Lou Maurice: loma@bgs.ac.uk

Simon Goddard: simongoddard4@gmail.com