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Training in Single Rope Techniques, Michaelmas term 2018

We will be running a training programme for people new to SRT (single rope technique). The aim is to teach people to abseil down ropes, prusik up ropes, pass deviations and rebelays, and learn to change from going up to going down whilst on a rope.

If you want to enjoy some great SRT trips in Yorkshire, or you are thinking of going on expedition to the Picos, or you have aspirations to do the spectacular 145 m Titan shaft, then you should get involved. It normally takes about 2 surface practices and several underground trips before people are really confident at SRT. You should come to at least one surface practice before using SRT underground, and ideally two. An OUCC guide to SRT can be found here.

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Saturday / Sunday sessions: Practice is from the footbridge next to Godstow Road over the railway and canal, using the section on the Port Meadow side, giving about a 5m drop to a grass bank. Meet at the hut at 10.00 to pick up ropes and kits and drive / cycle to Wolvercote. Session starts in Wolvercote at about 11:00, finishing at about 15.00; unless we get too cold first! Possible post-session drinks in the Plough, Wolvercote.

[ Evening Sessions: (none this term) Meet at the hut at 6.30pm to pick up ropes and kits and drive / cycle to Wolvercote. Kitting up and rigging will start about 7.30. The practice will end when we get too cold or bored, and we will go for a drink after.]

For those un-wheeled, the #6 bus goes every 15 minutes to and from Wolvercote. Stops in town are outside the Randolph and opposite the Red Lion (Woodstock Rd), and  in Wolvercote on Godstow Rd right next to the bridge.

It will be cold, and you will get even colder, as you will be hanging about (ahem). Please wear warm clothes! (You can always take them off...).

Do your best not to block the bridge up with people, clobber and bicycles (park bikes off the bridge).
The bridge is the only pedestrian route between upper and lower Wolvercote.
OUCC's use of the bridge has not so far been challenged by local residents and we want to keep it that way.Your friendly OUCC President lives in the village!