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Training in Single Rope Techniques (SRT), Trinity term 2024

SRT training is not a prerequisite to attend a caving trip. For novice trips, in particular, we use ladder & lifeline methods for getting down and up any short vertical sections that may be involved. However, SRT is the normal method for longer vertical drops found in many caves. Having done some above-ground SRT training will likely give you priority access to certain trips, especially to the Northern Dales ("Yorkshire"). This training is also valuable if you are interested in attending expeditions abroad.

We will be running a training programme for people new to SRT. The aim is to teach people to abseil down ropes, prusik up ropes, pass deviations and rebelays, and learn to change from going up to going down whilst on a rope.

If you want to enjoy some great SRT trips in Yorkshire, have aspirations to do Derbyshire's spectacular 145 m Titan shaft or you are thinking of going on an overseas expedition, then you should get involved. It normally takes about 2 surface practices and several underground trips before people are really confident at SRT. You should come to at least one surface practice before using SRT underground, and ideally two.

Possible sessions this term: TBA
This is subject to weather, demand, availiablity of trainers, etc., and will be updated here if possible. But last-minute deciesions may be made - sign up to the OUCC-local mailing list for the most up-to-date information.

The sessions are open to every level of SRT experience, from first-timers to cavers that would like a supervised refresher. 
Ropes, SRT equipment and helmets will be provided.
Warm but loose clothing is strongly recommended, with comfortable flat footwear (ideally with thick and fairly rigid soles). 

To express your interest, please email secretary@oucc.org.uk and include:

An OUCC guide to SRT can be found here.

Location: Possibly (TBC): Godstow Road, Wolvercote: bridge over railway and canal. OX2 8NZ.  https://what3words.com/tent.hips.orbit
This is reachable from central Oxford by bus (number 6, from near the Martyrs'. memorial; get off at "Wolvercote Green" or "Elmthorpe Road"), bike (20mins) or on foot (40 mins up the Oxford canal towpath)..