Ogof Draenen Conservation Required

Areas and passages that still require taping.

[I have HTMLised this useful "CSS surveyors" document without editing, though there are some areas in which I disagree with it or would have phrased things differently!  If any areas in this list change status, please let me know. Any useful comments transmitted to me will be linked to this source document. Steve Roberts]
What's at Risk 
Date Explored
Date Noted
Published CSS NL's
Action Taken
Big Country, main passage sediments, crystal  BEC 28/10/95 16/12/95 01/96  
Bolder Passage, near far end stal, mud floor MCC 21/01/96 02/03/96 04/96  
Strawberry Passage sediments, stal MCC 18/12/94 27/05/96 06/96 1km of laid by CSS
Woodenspoon passage conites, fine bedded mud SWCC 19/11/94 27/07/96 08/96  
The Swim sediment, stal MCC 04/12/94 17/08/96 09/96 Route taping needs completing
Life on Mars, southern reaches sediment BEC 03/11/94 05/10/96 11/96  
Life On Mars, northern reaches sediment, stal BEC 03/11/94 12/10/96 11/96  
Swallow Series cap mud MCC 12/11/94 04/01/97 02/97  
MS & D North stal OUCC 16/11/96 11/01/97 02/97  
Into the Black, western end mud banks OUCC 23/11/96 18/01/97 02/97  
Yellow Van sediment, only 1 side taped OUCC 23/11/96 18/01/97 02/97  
Into the Black mud banks, cross bedding OUCC 23/11/96 08/03/97 04/97  Double taping required, done 15/3 by CSS
Dogleg Series, Circus Maximus stal, sediments, crsytal OUCC 19/01/97 15/0~97 04/97 30/3/97 +300m laid by CSS, more required 
Out of the Blue mud banks OUCC 24/11/96 15/03/97 04/97 500m laid by CCC shortly afterwards, more needed
Luck of the Draw, beyond grotto stal, sediments OUCC 07/12/96 19/04/97 05/97  
Gone in the Years crystal and sediments CG 23/04/95 24/05/97 06/97 Last visit 2 years ago when we first mentioned this!

Other areas noted but not published
Gone in the Years to 3 Amigos crystal and sediments CG, BEC 10/95      
Crystal Mole (fab side pas) crystal and sediments BEC 19/11/94     ~250m laid by CSS, route taping needs completing
Garage Passage stal WCC 10/95     100m required at start

Date Explored is taken as the date it was first surveyed.

The conservation policy of the NCA states that the onus is on the explorers to conserve their finds.

The table only includes areas noted by the G5 surveyors in the course of their survey. There are probably many other areas requiring conservation. It was decided to publish areas requiring work in the CSS newsletter to enable others to do the work as the surveyors may not be returning to that for some time. (some areas only have 1 survey trip to complete it). Informing others would help avoid damage and speed the conservation up. The high grade survey is also a very useful conservation tool and lack of manpower means that frequently the physical conservation must be left to those who should have done it in the first place, the explorers.