New Passage in St. Giles.

21/3/98 & 28/3/98

On Saturday 21st March, Jonathan Cooper, Chris Densham, and Lev Bishop explored about 150 metres of passage off "Flag" passage in the St. Giles area of Ogof Draenen. (This passage was originally entered by Chris Densham nearly three years ago, and explored over the following few months by OUCC). The extension ("Pixey Mead") ended at a three or four metre deep pitch which Lev was not inclined to jump down; clearly he is learning some sense.
On Saturday 28th March, Lev and Chris returned to push the available leads. They put a ladder down the pitch, and explored about 150 metres. This passage concludes at present in deep water with limited airspace: our noble explorers decided not to determine whether this was a sump or an extended and nasty duck. There are still high level leads in the area around the short pitch, which will be looked at soon.

The amended SURVEX data are available here.

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