Dollimore Series, Ogof Draenen

Trip report:

Jon Cooper: 2/6/97

Just to let you know what we found this weekend. Went up out of the Blue on Saturday and bolted up the hole on the last sharp right hand bend before the end. This led to a low diggable passage which was less breezy than Farting Welly rift near the terminal choke. May be worth having a go at, but will need rebolting as we needed to chisel out the bolt to extract the driver. (Work that one out for yourselves).

On Sunday we had a look at another alcove off Hall of the One which started as a nobbly crawl in a bedding plane, then dropped down into a pleasantly sized chamber with the bedding continuing along one side. A dig along in the corner led to a short section of rift that ended in a choke/dig. The chockstone was eventually levered out of the way to give a technical squeeze up back up into the bedding. It was all pretty exciting as the whole area was really draughty, and another 10-20m on Nathaniel hit a pleasant walking size passage with LOE written in the mud (???). Bugger. We'd dug into Pisspot Passage that Pete, Ali, Ian and Ben had pushed not long after Dollimore's was first found.