Dollimore Series, Ogof Draenen

Trip report:

Gavin Lowe, 6/4/97

Charles [Bailey] and I had a trip to LotD yesterday.

We checked out two digs going off to the right near station 32; both are on-going, but look like they'll need quite a lot of work.

We then moved up to the crawl leading off to the right near station 34,just before Medusa's Children. We managed to get through the blockage at the end (it's still quite a tight squeeze) into ~15m of passage to a choke.

To the left, a passage runs for ~15m to a long term dig. Ahead and to the right, a climb up leads into a rift which closes down. The best lead seems to be to the right at floor level: a sand dig, which we dug for a few metres; it doesn't seem to be about to open out, but there's a very good draught; certainly worth continuing with.

Multiple light failures, buggered knees, and general knackerdness made for an unenjoyable trip out.

BTW, we've moved the spoil tray from the breakthrough dig up to this new dig, so if you need a tray, take in a new one.