Explorations in Dollimore series, 9/11/97

Sunday's trip added about 150m to Dollimore or rather surveved 150m out of about 200m of passage previously pushed by Charles Bailey. Interestingly it's heading roughly parallel to Out of the Blue, but at a much higher level. Not sure what to name the passage, in the book its called Beyond Camp Piton, though it could more sordidly refer to the poorly state of most of the team (Revenge of the Mushroom Fettucine) except that this might not go down too well at the Lamb and Fox. My favoured option is Fossilised Bat Passage, as there is a well preverved bat corpse at the start of the rift, and to leave other names for later additions. We also had a look at the inside of the capped entrance, which looks like a big job to open again, though far from impossible. May be an idea for people to check every now and again for unscrupulous activity. Whilst Chris was recouperating at Camp Piton me and Alison also traversed from Luck of the Draw along the top of Hall of the One to the cairn at the start of Nicola's Grotto. This involved passing an alcove that could be dug through to Luck of the Draw (North), and about 100m of passage heading towards the Dogleg Complex, which has been looked at and I suspect partly (Grade2) surveyed by Kev and some pals from Bracknell. If it's OK by Chris and Alison, I can write up the trip for DTT
Jonathan Cooper