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OUCC News 4th March 1992

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(Deputy) Editorial

This week's edition of DTT sees yours truly deputising as editor, as Tim has taken his editorial personage off for a week in the sun in Southern Spain, where hopefully he and Tony will find caverns measurable to man, and bring lots of news back for the next edition of DTT. Best of luck guys!

Just in case you weren't around at last weeks meeting, a decision was taken to increase the cost of van hire from £15 to £20 per day retrospectively from September '91, in order to cover the cost of emergency repairs to the van (costing between £150-£200). This means that each trip that used the van will cost an extra £5 per day, to be split between all those on the trip.


Annual dinner this Saturday! Drinks at 5pm St Hugh's graduate centre (87 Banbury Rd), Jamals at 7pm. If you haven't done so already, let Sean know NOW if you want to come.

Yorks: Easter. Caving, climbing, walking, biking and anything else you care to do in the Dales! The YSS hut is booked for a week around the Easter weekend from Tues 14th April to Tues 28th April. It's lots of fun so be there or be !

Expedition news

The expedition committee needs your HELP. This is what YOU can do to make 2/7 1600m deep and several more kilometres long. We need DATES and MONEY. That's DATES (not the edible sort) and MONEY. The reason why we need DATES and MONEY is that we have none of our own, and we need to spend some before the expedition can go anywhere. So here's the important bit:

MAY 1st
We'll put in your GEAR ORDER. We'll buy the van a FERRY TICKET, INSURE it and HIRE a trailer.

MAY 1st
Is therefore an IMPORTANT DEADLINE which you cannot afford to miss. We need to have your GEAR ORDER MONEY and THE FINAL PART OF YOUR PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION so that we can afford to do the things that we need to do by then.

JUNE 1st
Is when we will buy your insurance. This is paid for by the variable part of your personal contribution, so on this date YOUR  FINAL PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION, (THE BIT THAT VARIES) HAS TO BE IN.

some person has to stump up a personal loan to solve the expedition's cash flow crisis arising from deposits being paid too late. This year we are just too poor, so:

No gear order money = no gear, we just don't have the money to allow anything else. No personal contribution by MAY 1st will mean a 20% surcharge (gulp!) No payment of the variable part of your contribution by 1st June and we'll have to insure you for the whole expedition. This costs more, and you will have to pay the EXTRA.

We will listen with a sympathetic ear to those who can't pay on time, but our empty purse means that we do not expect to hear from all of you.

But it does cost, and we do NEED CASH to make it work. So please help us by paying URGENTLY.

That's the stern bit over with. It's horrible talking money, but unless a distant and rich aunt of the cave club leaves a nice big bequest, it's all down to YOU.

Big slobbery wet kisses from the expedition committee.
David Monaghan


Competitive Caving!

The deputy pres., of the cave club at Trinity College Dublin spoke to me briefly on Saturday about the possibility of a competition between the two university clubs, as we were thinking about with CUCC at the AGM. Although the idea of competitive caving is a bit dubious, this would be a good way of stressing that caving is a sport and that we deserve lots of money to go caving in Ireland (representing the university of course).

Letter to the editor

In reply to J Arthur's letter (Depth Through Thought, last week):

While I wholeheartedly concur with the sentiments expressed in the letter, I have one question: Who is this "Miss" Mayo? Is it a relative of Sherry? 
Mike Mead

What Gavin and Joan did for Xmas

Gavin and Joan and Jenny went via an infinite number of motorways to drop Jenny off to go to Yorks. for Xmas. After an infinite amount of time looking for food and parking in Leeds, we found an infinitely better spot to eat in, Otley. After an infinitely long day we got to Paul B's to be infinitely charmed by the cat who lives in a tiny hole behind the video.

Next day saw the sheer tedium of dragging around looking for accommodation. By sheer brilliance Gavin remembered a bunkhouse in Brotherswater. By sheer luck they still had room over Xmas. Sheer luxury at £5.50 each per night - take camping/cooking stuff but beds & carpets & heat are provided. Then the walking started. Steep walk up to Fairfields in sleet with snow balls kindly hurled at Joan. By sheer stupidity Joan fell over and wrecked her right leg, so the afternoon ended early. Next day Gavin did Glenridding to Glenridding via Helvellyn in 2 seconds (plus 2 hours). Joan did a lot less in 3 hours. Next day, Xmas day; Gavin did Scafell in mist, Joan did a lot less in clear air. Next day was spent collecting keys for the hut in Yorks.

Conclusion: Xmas in the lakes can be cheap, and very devoid of the usual hordes. It's a good place for a show of defiant humbug. Hope to get a dry time as we did! At any rate don't play pooh sticks with Gavin, he's bloody good at it! 


If you want to send an article in to DTT, text goes to Tim, either via the VAX (GUILFORD) if possible, or otherwise as hardcopy. Any pictures/surveys you want to include should be sent to Sherry or Mark for scanning, either as hardcopy or as EPS via the VAX (WONDRE). Don't reduce them, we can do that on the computer.