Depth through thought

OUCC News 1st February 1995

Volume 5, Number 4

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Hot off the winch, cavers might like to hear the news that the Gower Pot Men have had a breakthrough in the Caswell Valley System. A loose rift-like entrance (which some of us visited last summer) has been subjected to a serious digging exercise over recent weeks, with the evenual result that Rob and the Holtsfield team broke through to a 20m pot via a silly squeeze requiring a winch to pull caver up and down. Below, a large, currentl flooded pool looks to fly away just below the surface in several directions. A good draught in previous weeks before the flooding suggests that this may be a passable entrance into the middle of the Ogof Carrig Mawr (?) system (again, some of you may remember digging stupidly there...). Details are currently under wraps for access reasons.

Over is DTT's first 3D printed image. Silly I know, but I thought it might be fun. Who knows what next: C9 in 3D? Apologies to those electronic readers who probably get a pile of nonsense.

SRT Practice

Last Friday a very successful SRT practice was held at New College School Gym. Lots of people turned up and learnt everything from, climbing electron ladders, and how to put on chest harnesses, to negotiating one of James deviations. Many thanks to all those who turned up to lend a hand, or let their SRT kit be used. By Ten thirty we had it all derigged, and there was time for a pint in the Lamb and Flag, before we went back to Keble to drink Pepper Vodka, and try out some of the squeezes (The 6 inch slot above Will's door is worthy of a mention). Well done to Catherine and Sarah for their enthusiastic participation, and remember I've got the Photos. For all you who missed out on this fun, there will be another session later on this term, before the Yorkshire weekend in 7th week.
John Pybus

The Undoing of Mr Plant.

To the tune of "yesterday"
Oxford Uni seemed so far away
That's because I was down OFD
And OFD is ecstasy

I'm not sure where we're supposed to be
It's my fourth time down this passageway
Oh, OFD's a maze to me

Why we had to go, I don't know, we couldn't say
It's a lovely cave, but you just can't find the way ..oh oh oh

Were James and Urs, Will and Kitty
Melissa, Maarten, Olly and Knobby,
And Mr Plant and Johnny P.

Its Loverly
Over this I'm sure we'll all agree
Crystals, stal and straws abundantly
It's really quite extraordinary...

OFD's a great complexity
And a dubious hydrology
The streamway's flooded fearsomely

Callout five O'clock - we've gone astray
We're caving uneconomically
I might soon be a rescuee....

They say to me
"Look it gets tight, there is no way"
But because we're lost we can't agree
And there's a light - my liberty

So thankfully
We've escaped to cave another day
After comedy in OFD
Next time We'll take the large survey
(Yes we got lost, in OFD....)

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