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OUCC News 11th June 1997

Volume 7, Number 10

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Cavers everywhere will be saddened to learn of the death of Michael Jeffries, a member of the MNRC with which the club is associated. He fell in Lancaster Hole on the 31st May and despite the efforts of MNRC members present and of the CRO he died without regaining consciousness.

Meets Sec Corner

Last Thursday passing members of the public were more than a little surprised to see eight bodies hanging off four ropes under the ring road bridge down passed Iffley Lock. There was a good turn out of both rescuers and victims to the SRT practice and even the police later made an appearance. Basic SRT and SRT rescue from above and below were covered, even if the victims, on several occasions, had to be more than a little cooperative. The only true victims were a couple of dead legs (Jo) and Tim's head as Chris hauled him against the underside of the bridge.

Somehow, out of the chaos, a trip to Wales arose at the weekend. Thanks to all those who lent gear, vehicles, drove or generally helped to make thinks happen. Some good trips went to Darren, OFD, Little Neath and Draenen and at least some people managed to get home before 4am on Monday.

Finally a reminder that this Saturday is gear mending and the AC Irvine Interviews if we are called, so keep it free and turn up with enthusiasm.
Fleur Loveridge

Punt Party

A punt party will replace the normal Wednesday meeting in 8th week, weather permitting. If you want to come please tell me as soon as possible so that I know how many punts to arrange. The plan is to start around 6pm, exact location to be arranged. Bring booze and a picnic and maybe an old cushion (Jesus punts only have two each). If anyone can help me get hold of a free college punt for that night, please discuss it with me soon. If the weather is utterly shit, assume it's cancelled and the meeting will be in St Cross as usual. If you're not sure then ring me on 559938 between 5 and 5:30 and I'll make a decision. It'll be much better if lots of people are there, so please come.
Jo "one sandwich short of a picnic" Whistler

El Regallon Corner

For those of you who live under stones and don't get out much, this year's expedition leaves 3 weeks today (I think) , and we urgently need to track some gear down. We're missing at least one expedition Vango sleeping bag, which I suspect the Trogs might have acquired after Mendip Madness, and which we need to find. Also there are some expedition bivi bags which seem to have gone from Chris's loft without being signed out, so if you know where they are, you can return them with no questions asked... Most importantly, survey kits must be returned to me or Olly asap, please. There should be four sets, of which I know Jon has one and there was one set in the hut last time I looked, but this leaves a couple of sets probably hanging in halls of Draenen-type people.

On a different note, don't forget lots of important expedition things that will happen this weekend. On Saturday morning there will be AC Irvine interviews for those concerned, who should phone Catz lodge on Thursday to check. These will take place around gear mending, for which everyone's help would be much appreciated. The evening will be spent by the river at Wolvercote for the annual club barbecue (invites pending), and then hopefully we'll all be up bright and early (!) to take Pwll Du by storm.
el jefe

Ogof Draenen Open Meeting

There will be an Open Meeting of the Pwll Du Cave Management Group on 15 June (this Sunday) at 11 am at the Gwesty Bach pub in Brynmawr. One of the reasons for calling the meeting was to satisfy Chelsea SS demands to have an open debate about second entrances to Ogof Draenen. If you feel strongly about the 2nd entrance issue, then please do come to add your voice to this debate.

There will also be loads of talk about the Land Purchase, a (hopefully brief) ratification of the PDCMG constitution to include a few minor changes, and a vote on the Group officers. The grade 2 and 5 surveys may also end up being talked about - freedom/exchange of survey data etc. Incidentally, only club officers can vote (that's me for OUCC), but it would be very useful if the general weight of opinion of those present supports any decisions made.

Anyone who is interested in the future of the cave should make an effort to come to the meeting. It may even end up being entertaining, you never know!
Chris Densham

Lost & Found

Found in my spare bedroom, by Nobby our expedition leader: One black rubber dildo masquerading as a bolting driver, with a Petzl hammer, contained in a long blue tacklesack. Confidentiality can be negotiated for any claimants... Also, 2 active loudspeakers are in my loft which someone put there but whose identity escapes me - anyone want them?

T-shirt order.

I've put together a T-shirt design for this years expedition. It follows the theme of the Natural Law Party's policy of improving quality of life by the practise of yogic flying, of course. It will have a front print, featuring fine art drawing (by my very own hand) of cavers flying along cave passage, with the caption "Bubbling Bliss of Yogic Caving" and a back print of the expedition name, a sketch of the C3/C4 survey and the expeditions motto "Maximum Coherence for Greater Depth". It could be a classic and for a limited period only will be available even to people not going to Spain this year. Sizes(Chest)S(38), M(42), L(46), XL(50), XXL(52). Colours White, black, navy blue, bottle green, red, royal blue, natural creamy, grey, sunflower and burgundy. If we order over 20, then it will come to about £8.50 each for standard t-shirts or £9.50 for a heavyweight t-shirt, both are made by a decent manufacturer (Screen stars) and seemed pretty good quality. Add 50p for XXL. They can also change the colour of print (e.g. black, white, red, blue, yellow) so we can avoid the classic black print on black t-shirt mistake of a couple of years ago but this will add an addition £5 the grand total for each new colour. I'd like to put an order in for the end of this week/beginning of nest week, so either mail me (, phone me, (01865 271217) or see me tonight.
Jon Cooper