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OUCC News 20th May 1998

Volume 8, Number 12

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Sorry its a shorty this week, but then I need your stories...

Meets Sec's Corner

After a weekend in Yorkshire in which I realised I'd forgotten how to do SRT, I'm planning to hold an SRT practice on Friday at 6pm. If the weather is fine we will go to the ring road bridge to the South of Oxford. To get to it, cycle down the path by the side of the river (go down St Aldates to get down to it). Go under Donnington Bridge and the next bridge is the one you want. If it is raining then we will be at the New College school gym, in which case ring me before five to get directions on 557671. It will be a good opportunity to brush up on your rope skills and go for a pint or two afterwards. Please bring any SRT gear you have, and could anyone with a car who could help shift rope get in touch with me.
Jo Whistler

Naked Ambition

Ever since I heard about the naked caving trip down Swildon's some time ago, I have had a secret ambition to do a similar trip. On Friday night we sat in Southerscales drinking and talking as one by one the lightweights went to bed, and there were just four left by dawn.

JC, Tony, Rich and I decided to go for a walk, and as luck would have it we happened to take a couple of zooms with us. After a short trip down Roaring we pottered down Sunset, enjoying the pleasant streamway. When we couldn't get any further without doing a Lev, we turned back, and it was at this point that I suggested that it would be a good cave to do naked. This proposition was taken up enthusiastically by the men in the party, and soon we were in our birthday suits.
For anyone who's curious, it's very enjoyable. However, men should watch out for sharp rocks at unfortunate heights (so I'm told).

I don't know why, but Friday night prompted  me to have a sudden burst of enthusiasm for caving, despite not having been to sleep. Not content with two caving trips in one weekend, I enjoyed both Saturday's Birks Fell Cave and Gaping Gill on Sunday. Excellent weekend!
Jo "dried frog pills" Whistler