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OUCC News 2nd December 1998

Volume 8, Number 23

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Sorry about the lack of hard-copy DTT last week - with luck you will get it tonight (so to speak). There was a cock-up in my distribution system. e-DTT should have gone out fine.

Also sorry that there are no trip reports this week, again. I know quite a few people have been caving, but obviously not the vociferous ones. I'll just have to go and do it myself....

The electron ladder on Balcony Pitch (part of the round trip in Draenen) broke last weekend during an operation to replace it. I believe the fixed ladder is now in place, but if you are planning a trip then be aware that there is no electron ladder present, and try to check first about the fixed ladder.

Meets Sec's Corner

We're going to Wales this weekend! It looks as if it will be a well-attended weekend, so do come along and do lots of caving. We should have at least one leader for DYO, for which wetsuits are required (the cave, not the leader). If anyone has a spare wetsuit, perhaps they could bring it along. We'll be staying at the WSG, complete with new kitchen. Meet at the Bevington Road hut at 6pm on Friday Please do try and tell me if you're coming or not, partly because it makes my life easier and partly because it's a pain to end up with too much/too little food. Moan over. Let's go caving!
Jo "well oiled" Whistler


The expedition dinner was on Saturday, as most of you will know. It went well, with lots of drunken singing, bullshitting about next year's expedition, and a large amount of cauliflower. There was no apparent dress code, but the "best dressed" award goes to Fleur, who sported a skirt made from a tractor tyre inner (and plenty of gaffer tape).
Jo Whistler