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OUCC News 10th February 1999

Volume 9, Number 3

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Caving news a bit thin this week I'm afraid. Still, I did manage a trip down Draenen, taking four Lamb and Fox locals on a bimbly to Old Illtydians Chamber (with the help of Cardiff cavers Lou, Ben and Mandy). Not that it was a bimbly for them. "Hardest thing I've ever done" was Lloyd's reaction. But they did really well, and a hell of an achievement for a first ever caving trip.

Entrance Update

On Sunday morning, the new padlock placed on the gate to the Private Entrance to Draenen was still intact. We spent two hours cementing over the gate to discourage access further. This is not intended as a permanent solution to the problem, but may help to convince those minority of cavers still using the entrance that the PDCMG is serious about undertaking its agreed conservation policy.

Letter from NZ

Dear Tim, It's always nice to get the weekly DTT in the e-mail, so that I can vicariously enjoy the highs and lows of Draenen discoveries. I'm as keen as the next Welshman for you to take the exploration there over the 100km mark some day, which is why I object strongly to you taking weekends off! And of course I'm doubly upset that you think Gower would be a nice place to spend such a cave-free weekend! What an insult! I spend half of my life opening up multi-metre systems, often with dark bits, and you dismiss the area out of hand. Has all this Draenen stuff gone to your head? Gower caves may not be as long, or as deep, or as pretty, but they are just as dark, and that's what counts - in fact I think they are some of the darkest caves in the world, especially in the dark bits, on moonless nights. Still, I'm glad the dolines in Bishopston valley brought you to your senses again.

I've been to lots of NZ caves lately, and am off to Nullabor in a month, then Sarawak on the way back to the UK. See you when I get back for some more "minor speleomoments" on Gower.
Rob Davies

Make Caving a Sport

I've been sent a circular from the soon-to-be-running OU Sports Federation, seeking candidates for: (1) the OU Sports Federation sabbatical president (one post); (2) OU Sports Federation executive officers (various posts from treasurer through safety officer to social sec.)

Candidates must be full time junior members of the University at the time of the election (1st week TT), and must expect to remain as resident members of the university (though not necessarily "junior members") during their period of office. Voting is restricted to club and college sports representatives and sports "captains". This will probably mean the exec will be loaded with ball-chasers and bat-wielders. However, they can only choose from those prepared to stand. If any "Junior Member" of OUCC were prepared to stand (ahem), they might well get in (ahem ahem). This would be very good for the representation and status of "outdoor" sports on the federation. We could probably rustle up support from OUUEG and OUMC, and maybe the orienteers, glider flyers and so on. Any noble volunteers see me for more details. Closing date for nominations 12th March
Steve "tedious University business" Roberts

Lost and found

I found lots of things in the hut/van after the Yorkshire weekend...

1 x woolly black hat 1 x fleecy black top with a zip at the neck 1 x Petzl gloom (Huw's? Found in the WSG hut, anyway) 1 x SRT kit (Lynn's, I think). Steve might have the stop for it, if so. 1 x Mendip Underground (maybe the club's?) 1 x shiny new-looking adjustable spanner (William Stead's?)

...and I've lost a fleece suit. I think it's made by Warmbac, has neoprene cuffs and is dark turquoise. It's relatively new and I think it got mixed up with a similarly coloured one on the Wales weekend at the end of last term. I have the similar (newer) one and would like to swap it back for mine. Reward offered for return of fleece suit: pint (or two) of finest ale.
Jo "help, help, I'm trapped in the lost property box!" Whistler

Annual Dinner

Roll up, roll up. Come to the most exciting event of the Cave Clubs social calendar! See habitually scruffy cavers dressed to kill! Get those replies and menu choices to Richard, before it's too late.
Jo "maker of girlie dilemmas" Whistler