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OUCC News 19th November 2003

Volume 13, Number 20

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Editor: Anette Becher,

Editor's bit

Well, have received no fresh copy and have now definitely run out of stockpiled caving articles, hence a brief DTT this time. Please remember this is from you for you, so get to your word processor and write up your latest/most scary/favourite caving experience!

Congratulations are in order, to Tim Guilford and his film team!

Caving film wins prestigious 'best film on mountain sports' award

Tim Guilford

Don't know whether it would be of more interest to cavers than insurance or not [Editor: I should hope so], its just possible that people might like to know that our Draenen film re-make just won at Banff Mountain Film Festival. It was the only caving film in the final, and I don't know whether a caving film has ever won before!

[Editor] I wonder what Andy Sparrow would make of the new title... I assume this was not Tim's choice, as the original was surely called 'The Dig'.

Everybody's Free

Keith Hyams

Keith would like it to be known that the bullet list offered under the title of 'Everybody's Free (to eat at Bernies)' in a recent DTT was not (as it appears some people thought) supposed to be a supercilious attempt to offer advice to new cavers. It was in fact supposed to be a take off of the song 'Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)', that's the one with the drawly American voice doling out tips for the future to the class of '99. You can read the original song at .