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8/11: Pozu Cabeza Julagua: Rigging Guide

Entrance Series


In the rigging guides which follow, " indicates that the rope from the previous pitch is continued for this section.

  Pitch Rope Belays
Entrance Series Entrance pitch (P9) 40m Tape round large perched boulder and tape over spike for Y-hang for descent down boulders; spike deviation for final hang.
Boulder slope " Thread belay.
Second pitch (P7) " Y-hang from traverse line on boulder slope and bolt: needs a second bolt.
Boulder slope and two metre climb " Thread belay.
Third pitch (C4, P21) 50m Bolt and spike Y-hang, with ladder hung from spike for constricted section; 2 bolt Y-hang below constriction; spike deviation at -7m; spike deviation on opposite wall 2m lower.
Traverse " Large boss, high up.
Fourth pitch " 2 spikes on opposite walls, right-hand one high up·
10m climb (bottom section) 8m Two jammed boulders
Peanut Pitch (P7) 10m Two jammed boulders
Insalubrious Route Ascent of boulder slope into Big Chamber 10m Solid boulder.
Scree Slope in Big Chamber 30m Large boulder.
Climbs up to Insalubrious  Passage (C2, C2) 15m Bolt; stal boss; spike; tied off to thread at bottom.
Pitch in Sloping Chamber (P8) 35m 2 thread belays; large boss.
Hanging Boulder Pitch (P11) " Bolt; spike deviation one metre down.
Descent to Rio Pequeño (P9) 25m Thread backup; large spike for descending traverse; deviation off solid boulder; bolt rebelay for descent to jammed boulder; rebelay or deviation needed for final descent to downstream route.
Rio Pequeño Hundred Metre Pitch (P3) 5m Two bolts.
Bold step 5m Two spikes
Second pitch in Rio Pequeño  (P10) 15m Two spikes; deviation at -3m.
Very Big Chamber Route Pitch into Very Big Chamber (P10) 20m Spike backup; spike belay; spike deviations at -21 and -6m.
Rio de los Emfermos Climb into Wet Cheeks Rift (C2) - Wire round chockstone; 4m ladder.
Bold step - Tape round spike to clip into.
Pitch above pit 15m Bolts at top; pendule in through window and tie off to natural.
Fever Pitch (P13, P16) 55m Bolts for traverse out; bolt belay for descent to ledge; thread belay; deviations at -2m and -4m.
Climb to top of Unwell (C4) " Two bolts.
The Unwell (P10) " Y-hang from bolts used for the climb to the pitch-head; deviation
October (P14) 20m Spike backup; 2 bolts for Y-hang; spike deviation at -8m.
Step across sump pool - Tape through thread to provide handhold.
Big Wind Five metre climb 10m Bolt.