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Huerta del Rey Expedition 1992

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C5 (or C4?) Location: A bit below 16/9 on the left hand side of the valley in an area of karst with lots of blind shafts. Cuvicente 106, second summit of Cuvicente 122.
Description: 10-15m pitch with Gavin's sunglasses at the bottom.
E9 Location: Below the col between La Verdelluenga and its subsiduary peak.
Description: Two snow choked shafts join, with a number of possible leads both down and into the mountain. Larger shaft can be laddered down onto a rock bridge from which both shafts can be reached, although there is no way down the subsidiary shaft. A climb up from the bridge allows the larger shaft to be rigged, to a snow plug at the bottom.
F54 Location: 68 to top camp, about 50m above and 30m left (true right) of dolomite band, 150m left (true right) of F20 gulley at highest comfortable traverse level.
Description: 10m pitch to snow from where two 20m shafts continue.
G1 Location: Follow path to Los Lagos past the sheep folds. A bit further on, drop down to the lower path on L, this parallels the Los Lagos path for a while before heading for Las Fuentes.
Description: Obvious cow shelter full of cowsh' on R. Of interest due to the phytokarst in the back of the cave. Closes down, but does draught a bit.
G3 Location: From G1 continue along the Las Fuentes path. At T-junction turn L (R goes to Las Fuentes) over the lip of the bowl are three shafts.
Description: Middle shaft can be rigged from large boulder labelled OUCC G3 partexpl.gif (131 bytes). A 5m drop to a ledge is followed by a 20m drop to a snow plug. Down the snow plug a passage descends for 20m before ending in an aven. Part way down along the passage an alcove on the right contains a second aven. Back at the snow plug a 60 gravel slope can be ascended to a skylight and on the left a hairy climb to a balcony overlooking a shaft (which may be the original shaft).
G4 Location: To the left of the path going down Sod 4, at the bottom of the hill. Large entrance at the end of a blind valley.
Description: Climbing down a snowplug the passage divides. To the right a rift can be followed for up and along for 5m and then down 2m to the floor, the rift continues. To the left at the bottom of the snow plug continue down the snow to reach an unlocked wooden door to a small chamber containing racks for cheese. At the of the chamber a passage ascends with more racks. The passage seems to close down.
G5 Location: 60m down valley from the cave above. Shaft labelled SIE 84 bottomed.gif (134 bytes).
Description: Stones rattle down for 4-6 seconds.