Oxford University Cave Club

Cabeza Julagua Expedition

28th June - 20th August 1993

Spanish Expedition Reports

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Log Extracts


Rob Garrett

15/5 has acquired a new resident. He/she (gender unknown) as about half a meter long, thin, brown and legless with a darker zig-zag pattern running lengthways. He/she may answer to the name of Adonis the Adder.

Preferred location would seem to be anywhere you would like to put your hands/feet/other parts of your anatomy, as well as any cracks and crevices found around 15/5!

This shy individual prefers not to make his/her presence known until it is most awkward.

He/she is most easily offended and is most disposed to venomous and biting criticisms of clumsy and unobservant wanderers.

So, do tread carefully around 15/5, and don't get caught with your trousers down: you have been warned!

Note on showering at Ario

Harvey Smith

Think about the air temperature. If the rain turns to hail half way through, you will not be able to rinse the soap off.

A random quote

As Rob was beginning his first ascent through the tight part at the top of the third pitch in 8/11, Paul was below him:

Rob: "Am I standing on your head?"
Paul: "Yes, but it's all right."
Rob: "No it's not. I'm not on it properly."

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