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Cabeza Julagua Expedition

28th June - 20th August 1993

Spanish Expedition Reports

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Expedition Diary

28th June---First expedition members and expedition vehicle leave Britain.---
29th June---Expedition arrives at Los Lagos. Base camp established at Lago Ercina.---
30th June - 1st July---Gear carried up the hill; camp established at Ario.---
2nd July8/11Cave rigged to fourth pitch.FAB SB TSH
3rd July8/11Cave rigged to Very Big Chamber.RG PMM HS
3rd July8/11Bolting and SRT practice.TSH CV
4th July8/11Rigged Wet Cheeks Rift.FAB TSH HS
4th JulyShaft in Ario bowlSRT practice.SB PMM CV
6th July71/5Cave dug open and bottomed.FAB PMM CV
7th July8/11Rigged Fever Pitch.RG TSH HS
7th JulyArea 11Surface survey to 8/11.PMM CV
9th July8/11Rigged The Unwell.FAB TSH HS
10th July8/11Rigged to limit of exploration and pushed to top of Last PitchSB RG GL PMM
11th JulyArea 9Discovered and bottomed 18/9; discovered 19/9 - 21/9 RB GL
11th July16/4Descended and bottomed cave.TSH CV
12th July8/11Surveyed up to top of Last Pitch.RB GL
12th JulyCuliembroDye detectors placed.DRB PMM
12th July16/4Surveyed cave.TSH CV
13th JulyArea 9Bottomed 20/9 and 16/9A.RB GL HS
13th JulyHoyo La MadreDye detectors placed.DRB
14th July8/11Explored inlet near sump. Rigged Last Pitch. RG PMM HS
14th JulyPozu los TexosStarted rigging shaft.TSH
14th JulyRio Casaņo, La MolinaMore dye detectors placed.DRB
15th JulyAreas 4 and 13Found 29/4 - 33/4; failed to find 28/4 or Bufona.GL
15th JulyRio TexuUnsuccessful attempt to place dye detectors.DRB TSH
16th July8/11Pushed and surveyed to Mud Sump.RB SB GL
16th JulyPozu los TexosFinished rigging cave; placed dye detectors; spotted promising looking tubes.DRB TSH
17th July69/5Dug.RB GL
17th JulyArea 4Found 28/4 and 34/4.RG HS CV
17th JulyRio TexuPlaced more dye detectors.TSH PMM
18th JulyArea 7Bottomed 41/7.RB RG
18th July28/4Bottomed main route in cave.GL HS
18th July8/11Checked out Lower Streamway area; found stream\-way below Big Wind.CJD JAR ADS
18th JulyPozu los TexosClimb examined.DRB TSH
19th July8/11Discovered Sportive Gods, and connected it to Blue Bag Chamber; climbed into fault passage above sump.CJD ADS
19th July16/11Cave bottomed.RB HS
20th July8/11Dug the Dry Sump, which was wet.GL
20th JulyArea 11Found 18/11, 19/11.PMM JAR
20th July8/11Explored fault passage above sump.RG ADS
21st July69/5Continued digging. Rift seen heading off at bottom. {RB GL
21st July8/11Connected stream below Big Wind to bottom of Last Pitch; surveyed Lower Streamway; found passage above final streamway; started climb above Mud Sump.TCG CJD JAR ADS
21st JulyPozu los Texos, Rio TexuChanging dye detectors.TSH
22nd July8/11Explored large fault passage above Big Wind.TCG ADS
22nd July8/11Acclimatization trip to Very Big Chamber.RB SJP CV
22nd JulyAreas 4, 11 and 13Found 20/11 - 23/11, Pozu Cabeza Julagua (8/13) and 9/13PMM JAR
23rd July69/5Continued digging. Side rift enlarged; black space visible beyond.SB RG GL SJP
23rd July8/11Pushed leads from Blue Bag Chamber to choke; continued climb above Mud Sump - pinched off; climbed up further back - all routes choked; penduled into another high level rift.CJD ADS
23rd JulyPozu Cabeza JulaguaRigged cave and discovered Wet Dreams.TCG PMM JAR
24th July69/5Pushed through rift to discover 5m of passage, with continuation hopelessly choked.RB SB GL SJP
24th JulyArea 11Surface survey; found 24/11 - 28/11; end of 8/11 found to be very close to resurgence at Mohandi.RG JAR
24th JulyPozu los TexosStarted bolting climb.DRB TSH
25th July28/11, 26/1128/11 dug open - no way on. 26/11 pushed and connected into 8/11 near Mud Sump.RB RG GL
25th JulyPozu del Raptor (23/11)Descended entrance pitch to head of next pitch.TCG SJP JAR
25th July26/11Recovering rope to use in Pozu del Raptor.TCG SJP
25th JulyPozu del RaptorDescended next pitch and pushed streamway to PMAX corner.TCG SJP
25th July26/11Surveyed Pozu Mohandi and high levels above final streamway.CJD ADS
25th JulyNear 56/5Looking for new entrances.SB CV
26th JulyAreas 4 and 13Unsuccessful search for Bufona. Found 34/4 and 29/11.GL
26th July26/11Surveyed bottom of fault above sump.PMM ADS
26th July26/11Surveyed 26/11 entrance.SB CJD CV
26th JulyArea 4Lost boot on way to above trip, so jacked. Got lost on way back, and found 37/4.CV
26th JulyPozu Cabeza JulaguaSurveyed and photographed extensions; detackled cave.RB RG TCG
26th JulyPozu los TexosFinished bolting climb - no way on at top.DRB TSH
27th JulyPozu del RaptorSurveyed previous extensions, and connected cave into Wet Cheeks Rift in 8/11.TCG ADS
27th July36/4, 9/13Bottomed both caves.RG TK NM SJP JAR CV NZ
27th JulyTop CampEstablished Top Camp.GL
28th July8/11Through trip to 26/11.AA RG NM SJP SGR NZ
28th July8/11Photography trip.RB TCG TK JAR
28th JulyXituRigged entrance pitches.DRB TSH
28th JulyArea FRelocated F19, F22, F23, F24, F25, F27, F33, F34; discovered F55 and two entrances near F38.GL
28th JulyOptimistoRigged cave to previous limit; passed squeeze at end to discover 50m of passage ending at sump, with possible diggable bypass. CJD ADS WJS
29th July20/11Pushed 20/11 to connect with 8/11 at three way junction; derigged 8/11 entrance series.PMM NM NZ
29th JulyOptimistoVarious leads examined.CJD TK ADS
29th JulyPozu del RaptorPhotography trip.RB RG TCG
29th July26/11Photography trip.RB RG TCG ADS
29th JulyArea FRelocated F5, F13, F14, F41, F43; discovered~F56. GL SGR
31st JulyXituRigged to Customs Hall; lead found at top of Bluewater~II.NM WJS NZ
31st July20/11Dug in Very Big Chamber.AA TK SJP CV
31st JulyF43Bottomed cave.RB GL
31st JulyArea FDiscovered Cueva del Arco (F57), F58RB GL
1st AugustXituRigged to the top of The Gap; pushed lead in William's Bit for about 50m.PMM WJS
1st AugustXituLeads from previous day explored, but all ways soon stopped.NM NZ
1st August24/11Bottomed cave.RG TK SJP
1st AugustCueva del ArcoPushed cave down 150m snow slope, and up climbs at bottom.GL SGR
2nd AugustPozu del RaptorContinued survey.RG PMM
2nd AugustOptimistoDerigged top half of cave.TK SJP
2nd AugustCueva del ArcoRerigging trip.RB SB
3rd AugustXituPushed lead in William's Bit, and discovered Mud Sump.AA TK CV NZ
3rd AugustXituTraversed across pit at previous end of William's Bit, to discover choke.NM SJP WJS
3rd AugustCueva del ArcoRerigged cave on a single rope; surveyed previous finds; dropped pitch at end - no way on; surveyed extension.RB SB GL
4th AugustXituPushed lead above Mud Sump to find about 100m of passage, Budapestilential Rift, ending at pitch.TK NZ
4th AugustPozu del Raptor, 22/11Derigged cave.RG CV
4th AugustF54Rigged entrance shaft, and followed rift to terminal choke.RB GL
4th AugustCueva del ArcoChecked a few leads - no way on found.SB SGR
4th AugustF60Cave discovered and bottomed.SB SGR
4th AugustF41Rigged first three pitches to a snow slope.RB GL
5th AugustArea 11Found 30/11 and 31/11PMM WJS
5th August26/11, 20/11Surveyed connection with Pozu del Raptor; detackled Wet Cheeks Rift.PMM WJS
5th August26/11Descended pitch at end of large fault passage to find chamber and pitch with 7 second rattle.RG SJP
5th AugustF41Rigged snow slope and discovered next pitch.RB GL
5th AugustF5Bottomed cave.SB SGR
7th August20/11Dug Dry SumpGL WJS
7th AugustXituTourist trip to William's Bit.AA TK
7th AugustXituDropped pitch found on previous trip, and discovered sump. Descended pitch in rift, but route became too tight.NM NZ
8th August20/11Dug Dry SumpGL WJS
8th AugustF41Rigged next pitch and discovered rift with 2 - 3 second rattle; derigged cave.SB SGR
8th AugustF48Rigged entrance shaft; followed meandering rift for a bit.IA GN
8th AugustF46Pushed entrance shaft; found tight rift.IA GN
9th AugustWiggly CaveRigged and bottomed cave.RB GL
9th August20/11Carrying gear out of cave.AA NM \Kutya
9th AugustF14Cave explored and bottomed.RB SB SJP
9th AugustArea FDiscovered F59.RB SB SJP
9th AugustCueva del ArcoCave photographed and derigged.IA GN SGR
9th AugustF42Cave discovered and labelled as F59IA GN SGR
9th AugustAreas 7 and 9Discovered 48/7 and 22/9.SGR
10th AugustXituSurveyed and detackled Mud Sump extension.RB WJS
10th AugustArea FDiscovered F62 and F64RG SB SJP
10th AugustArea FBottomed F31, F42 and two unmarked shafts.IA AA TK GN
11th AugustXituSurveyed Budapestilential Rift; detackled back to start of entrance shaft.RG SGR WJS
11th August20/11Dug Dry Sump.GL SJP
11th AugustTexosDerigged cave.AA NM NZ
12th August20/11Dug Dry Sump, derigged cave.RB GL
12th August26/11Surveyed Fault Passage; derigged cave.SB RG SJP
12th AugustTop CampCamp derigged.IA GN
13th AugustXituDerigged cave.RB SB PMM GN SJP
13th - 15th August---Gear carried down to Los Lagos.---
16th August---Van leaves Los Lagos.---
20th August---Van arrives back in Oxford.---
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