Oxford University Cave Club

1998 Expedition: "Jultayu"

Picos de Europa, Spain

1998 Expedition Report - Contents

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When Cave / Area What Who
5 July Van Rouge departs Oxford: Advanced party (Pete) arrives at Lagos
6 July Van Rouge departs Plymouth
7 July Van Rouge arrives at Lagos: Set up base camp
8-9 July Ario First carries and set up camp
10 July 2/7 Rig to Seventh Heaven PM, FL, LB, LMu
11 July 2/7 Rig to Graham's Todger Pitch JC, RD, HJ
12 July 2/7 Rig to Pessimists. PM, RW, LB, AW
48/7 Bottomed. FL, JC
13 July No Carbide! Everyone carries.
14 July 2/7 Rig to Armageddon GL, FL, MS
2/7 Carry tackle to Pessimists JC, RD
15 July 2/7 Rig to Cemetery Gates TS
2/7 Porter to Armageddon Ledge RW, LB, JW
16/9 Mislabelled 25/9 JC, KH, LMu
16 July 2/7 Porter to Pessimists RD, HJ, MS, LMu
16/9 Shafts a,b,c,d etc. bottomed. LB, AH, BFS
17 July 2/7 Rig to Just Awesome Big Ledge GL, FL (!)
2/7 First Camping Trip at Big Ledge JC, TS
2/7 Exploration in Shafts LB, RW, HJ, AH
16/9 Remaining leads finished KH, PH
Ario. Shaftbashing AW, RD
Extremero and Trea. Dowsing JWi
18 July 2/7 Porter to Pessimists RD, KH, AW, PH
Areas 5 and 9. Shaftbash and Dowse LMu, BFS, JWi
19 July 2/7 First Camping Trip to Primula Point PM, LB
2/7 Porter to Pessimists JW, Lmu, FL, BFS
Extremero and Trea. Shaftbashing HJ, RW
20 July 2/7 Porter to Pessimists. PH, AH, HJ
Jultayu and Cuvicente Shaftbash / Dowse. RD, KH, JWi
21 July 2/7 Second Camp to Primula Point GL, FL (!!)
Area 9. Shaftbash HS, JWi
22 July 2/7 Third Camp at Primula Point HJ, RD
Area 9. Shaftbash KH, JWi, HS
27/9 Bolt/push 27/9. BFS. BW.
23 July 2/7 Fourth Camp at Primula Point. RW, AH
2/7 Porter to Pessimists KH, JS, BW, PH
27/9 Rig/Push JW, BFS
49/5 Bash AW, LMu
24 July 2/7 Porter to Pessimists TT, LMu, AW, HS
2/7 Fifth Camp at Primula Point TS, PH
2/7 Find route through rifts DL, NP, RG
25 July 2/7 Bounce Armageddon KH, JS
27/9 Rig/Push JW, BW, BFS
GG Digging DL, LB
26 July 2/7 Porter to Armageddon JW, HS
Area 9 Shaftbash ML, LS
27 July 2/7 Sixth Camp at Primula Point DL, NP, RG, LB
27/9 Pushing on CD, KH, GL
28 July 2/7 7th Camp at PP PM, JW
27/9 Pushing on CD, GL
31/9 Taking a look FL, KH
29 July 2/7 2nd camp at BL TS, AH
2/7 8th camp at PP CD, JS
2/7 Rig GSP FL, HS
27/9 Eating fudge GL, HJ, KH
30 July 27/9 Hammer end HJ, AW, KH
31 July 2/7 9th camp at PP FL, HS
33/9 Digging HJ
1 August Miserable claggy day. No caving
2 August 2/7 10th camp at PP GL, JC
3 August 2/7 11th camp at PP HJ, PH
2/7 Rift trip PO, CS, NS, AdE
27/9 Digging RL, NP
4 August 27/9 Hammering RL, NP
5 August 2/7 Rift trip RL, PO
2/7 Bounce Big Ledge CS, AdE
6 August 21/9 Bash Area 9 FL, NM, RL
Extremero and Trea Shaftbashing CD, LB
Dry Bones Shaftbashing TG, LMo, JW
7 August 2/7 Photocamp (12th at PP) PM, JW, RL, CD
2/7 Rifts TG, LM, NM
8 August 2/7 13th camp at PP FL, NM
Dry Bones Digging TG, RG, LB, LMo
9 August 2/7 Solo Rig, push, derig GL
Extremero and Trea Shaftbashing LB, RG
Dry Bones Shaftbashing LMo, TG
10 August Culiembro Place dye detectors JC, RG
Dry Bones Digging LB, LMo, TG
11 August 2/7 3rd Camp at BL LMo, TG
2/7 Porter from Big Ledge GL
2/7 4th (solo) camp at Big Ledge JC
27/9 Place dye LB, HJ
12 August 2/7 Porter from Pessimists PH
27/9 Hammer DL, RG, LB
13 August 2/7 Porter from Big Ledge DL
2/7 Derig Zazudska Way LB, NM, JC
14 August 2/7 Derig to Armageddon PH, RG, RL, JC
15 August 2/7 Derig to Pessimists DL, LB
16 August 2/7 Derig cave PM, JW, NM, CD, HJ,PH,RL,JC, RG
17-20 August Carries down to Lagos
19 August 27/9 Survey and Derig RL, CD, RG
19 August D16 Bottom and find D98 PH
21 August Van Rouge departs Lagos/ Beach trip
22 August Frenchman (drunk) drives into trailer
23 August Van Rouge (minus trailer) arrives Oxford
25-26 August Trailer retrieved PM