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1998 Expedition: "Jultayu"

Picos de Europa, Spain

1998 Expedition Report - Contents

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A Psychologist Solves the Riddle of the Tagging of New Discoveries.

The caves up on the La Verdulluenga-Cuvicente ridge that JC, Keith and Lynn found (25/9a, b, c,d) have been retagged. The cave that was 25/9a or 25/9c or possibly 25/9b or 25/9d has now been reinstated as 25/9a. This being the pot with the bridge that is not a bridge but is in fact a bridge and may warrant further exploration. 25/9a is also still 25/9c, or possibly 25/9b or 25/9d because the tag for 25/9c (or b or c) which was on what was and is now 25/9a could not be found, and therefor 25/9a is still also 25/9c or b or d. The cave that was not 25/9a, but was 25/9a for a day is no longer 25/9a but is not 25/9b or 25/9c or 25/9d either, because the tag on 25/9a when it was not 25/9a could not be found for this cave. Hopefully the other 2 caves are correctly tagged. I hope this clears up any confusion.