Oxford University Cave Club

1998 Expedition: "Jultayu"

Picos de Europa, Spain

1998 Expedition Report - Contents

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Underground Camp Diary

When Where Who What
17-20 July BL JC, TS Rig JA 3 and Dead or Alive. Rig/rerig Zazadska Way. Investigate climbs in Postman Pat. Push upstream and discover Cherrypickers.
19-23 July PP PM, LB Rerig ropes from camp to high levels. Investigate in Paddington and Postman Pat
21-24 July PP GL, FL Rerig Route down and along Pimpernell. Check Leads. Begin bolt climb into Colostomy (Pixie Steps)
22-25 July PP HJ, RD Drop new pitch from Bod into Pimpernell.
Dig Flood Overflow.
Bolt Pixie Steps
23-27 July PP RW, AH Dig Flood Overflow. Collapses on Rhys
24-27 July PP TS, PH Climbs in Postman Pat
27-30 July PP DL, NP, RG, LB Dig Tim's Bit. Get cold. Get miserable
28-31 July PP PM, JW Spot and Bolt Bright Lights. Survey Tantalus. Stash Some Food
29 July-2 Aug BL TS, AH Bolt Bright Lights. Explore Pixie Steps
29 July-2 Aug PP CD, JS Bolt Bright Lights
31 July-3 Aug PP FL, HS Survey Bright Lights
2-5August PP GL, JC Dig in Tim's Bit. Push and Derig Hunt the Crowbar. Dig Flood Overflow
3-7 August PP HJ, PH Dig Tim's Bit. Derig Colostomy. Dig Flood Overflow. Find Paul's food stash
7-10 August PP PM, JW, RL, CD Phototrip 1: Pimpernel Streamway;
Phototrip 2: London Underground;
Phototrip 3: Upstream with NM
8-12 August PP FL, NM Dig Egbert. Derig Camp to Zaduska Way with CD
11-13 August BL LMo, TG Derig Primula Point
11-14 BL JC Survey and push upstream with CD. Derig to Big Ledge with NM and LB