Oxford University Cave Club

"Ario 2000" Expedition Final Report

Picos de Europa, Spain

3rd July - 22nd August 2000

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Expedition Diary

Date Who What Comments
3.7.00 PC, LM, EL, DG, CR Leave Oxford The Landrover (kindly donated by the Gordon Foundation) copes admirably with our trailer.
5.7.00 PC, LM, EL, DG, CR Arrive at Los Lagos The main team starts carrying equipment up to Ario camp
5.7.00 LB, RG 2/7 Rigged to Flying Rebelles.




Rigged to Serendipity.

8.7.00 PC, CR 2/7 SRT training trip.
8.7.00 LM, DG 2/7 Rigged to Blind Pot Series. Rock drops on Dick.
8.7.00 LB, RG 2/7 Rigged to Tumbling Dice 1.
9.7.00 RD, EL 2/7 Rigged to Streamway pitches. Deviation snaps on Rich.



GPS logging

Logged 15/5, 3/5, 1/5, Canalizos, C3/C4 and Martini pool. Water container found smashed.

11.7.00 RG, GL 2/7 Who knows what these two were up to?
11.7.00 DG, LB, LM GPS logging Area 9.
12.7.00 PC, LM, RD, CR 2/7 Portering to Tumbling Dice. Pip got sick.
12.7.00 DG, EL 2/7 Found and rigged a shaft parallel to Tumbling Dice.
13.7.00 GL 2/7 Rigging
13.7.00 LB 2/7 Portering / Rigged Streamway climbs.


Maria Rosa All six people lose same 4 hours of memory after drinking Asturian Sidra. Conclude that aliens abducted them. Erin distinctly remembers being taken round the back




Wlodek discovered he was getting fat.

15.7.00 CR, EL 2/7 Portering to Blind Pot series.
15.7.00 DG, LB 2/7 Attempt to rig to Big Ledge. See "A Slight Sketch".
16.7.00 EL, RD 2/7 Re-rigged Tumbling Dice. Again.
17.7.00 CR, JW Pozu Jenga Digging. Chris learnt to bolt.
18.7.00 CR, JW 2/7 Portering to Blind Pots. Jo left a present.
18.7.00 RG, RD 2/7 camp 1 Rigged "Dos mas" Traverse and all the way to Primula Point camp. Discovered distinct lack of cooking pots and had to eat cold custard. See "A Caving Convalescence".




Drove to Oviedo to buy carbide. Far, far scarier than caving...

19.7.00 DG, EL, LM, RG 2/7 camp 2 Established Echo Beach camp. Pushed "A Savage Journey". Discovered the huge chamber "Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride", "Canals on Mars" streamway and another pitch.
20.7.00 LB, GL 2/7 camp 3 Rigged to Choke Egbert. Dug. Got scared. Dug some more. Gave up - too dangerous. Derigged.



2/7 camp 4

Explored "Tapeworm" passage to the north of "Take the Ride". Surveyed 170m.

25.7.00 PC, RG, LB 27/9 Rigged to Chocolate Staircase. Lev started bolting a traverse.
26.7.00 GL, RG F80 Rigged to snow plug.
26.7.00 DG, LB, PC, CR 27/9 Lev finished scary traverse. Rift too tight to go on.
28.7.00 PC, CR 2/7 Took out shock-loaded rope from Tumbling Dice 1.
28.7.00 HG, GL F80 Rigged and de-rigged a lot.
28.7.00 RD, EL 2/7 camp 5 Took rope from London Underground and started rigging a tension traverse in Canals on Mars. Surveyed 450m in Tapeworm with a broken pencil.





30.7.00 GL F80 Rigged to bottom of second pitch.
30.7.00 HG, LM 2/7 camp 6 Tried to find a sump bypass. See "Pieces of 22".
31.7.00 CR, PC 10/9 Rigged to second pitch. Got scared.
1.8.00 GL F80 No way on at bottom of second pitch. Window leads to drafting rift.
2.8.00 GL F80

Found 6m climb.

3.8.00 PC, CR, IW-J 10/9 Rigged to big pitch.
4.8.00 GL, IW-J F80 No way on. One small lead left.
4.8.00 RD, CR 10/9 Rigged a handline.
4.8.00 PC, EL 2/7 camp 7 Discovered Misery Loves Company and Aven Country Ledge. Surveyed 375m in Canals on Mars.



2/7 camp 8

Surveyed 365m in Canals on Mars, swimming in places. Found Choke Zebedee. De-rigged camp to Guzamo Grovel.

7.8.00 CR, RD 10/9 Dropped through Pipsqueak. Found 3 ways on.
7.8.00 ML GPS logging Top camp area
9.8.00 ML GPS logging Area 4.
10.8.00 CR, RD 10/9 Stopped at tight, draughty squeeze. De-rigged.
11.8.00 CR, RD 2/7 Portering from Space Trout.
11.8.00 EL 2/7 Portering from Tumbling Dice.
12.8.00 EL, RD, PC 2/7 De-rigging camp at No Space Sardines with only 2 pit sets...  De-rigged to (almost) top of Space Trout.




20 tackle bags, 30hours... De-rigged to Tumbling Dice. See "Nervous Novice"

15.8.00 EL, RD, PC, IW-J 2/7 Paella'd to Flying Rebelles. Had a few problems with worn-out SRT kits.
16.8.00 HG, EL, RD, ML 2/7 De-rigged to surface, leaving only 300m of rope in the cave.
18.8.00 Everyone Carrying Impressive group effort with many rucksacks weighing over 40kg. Lots of food at Maria Rosa.
19.8.00 Everyone Packing Most people head home. Erin, Rich and Hils go prospecting in the Central Massif.