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"Ario 2000" Expedition Final Report

Picos de Europa, Spain

3rd July - 22nd August 2000

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Medical report

Pippa Crosby and Lynn Mulelly

In order to improve our first aid kits for future expeditions, we asked all expedition members to tell us the types of problems they encountered and whether those problems could have been avoided. 10 out of the 16 people responded. The results show the variety of situations that we must be prepared to deal with:

All members of the expedition carry comprehensive personal first aid kits. The size of the underground first aid kits were reduced to small Tupperware containers and actually made it down to the underground camps this year. Small kits are essential as there is often little spare room and we have found in the past that larger kits are just left on the surface.

It has been suggested that next year we should re-organise the surface camp first aid kit. It should be split into two containers. One medium sized everyday patching kit containing things like iodine, bandages, Vaseline and Ibuprofen; and another box used to store emergency stuff that you need to find in a hurry, like eye-wash and burns treatment.