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14th August 2000

From Gavin Lowe

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There's not much to report from Spain beyond the last thing that was sent round.

The C3/C4 branch of upstream sumps very close to C3/C4; my memory of the survey suggests it's gone a little past C3/C4, but I suspect this is just survey error and/or magnetic variation; I think we should aim to dive it next year. Hilary and Lynn bolted up an aven near the end, and Pip and Erin were planning to continue this.

People had started rigging traverses along Canals on Mars (Oliseda branch), but were making slow progress; there was talk of just pushing it using goon suits.

I didn't make much progress in F80 (aka Deepest Cave in the World) due to a combination of leads not going, cock-ups, remoteness of the cave, and lack of support. The "train tunnel" Paul reported 5 years ago was full of snow and (unsuprisingly) choked. There are two windows on the far side of the shaft: I got into one but no go. I think it would be worth trying to get into the higher window, but I ran out of time. There's a lot of draft around, which has to come from somewhere; also, there's a prominent line of shakeholes on the surface following the line of the cave.