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15th August 2000

From Lyn Mulelly

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Comments on Gavin's news:

Gavin: "Hilary and Lynn bolted up an aven near the end, and Pip and Erin were planning to continue this."
I think it is unlikely Pip and Erin returned to our climb, which is 46m high and draughting in, very near the sump. Pip wanted to go back to Coral Corner.

Gavin: " People had started rigging traverses along Canals on Mars (Oliseda branch), but were making slow progress; the plan is to push it using goon suits."
The rigging of the traverse was going very slowly. The extra goon suits arrived just before I left and the plan was for the last trip to go and survey Canals on Mars.

News from the Dachstein: Caving is tight, muddy, grim, desperate and unbelievably hard. They have derigged the bottom half of the cave because no-one wants to push that deep in the cave. Someone dropped a *big* rock on Lev at the underground camp. Thankfully there were three people around to free him, but no caving for him for a while because his ankle is 'fucked'.