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22nd August 2000

From Chris (seedy) Densham

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Comments on Lynn's News

> News from the Dachstein: Caving is tight, muddy, grim, desperate and unbelievably > hard.

Indeed. How I wish I had gone to the Picos this year! The Dachstein was three weeks of unremitting toil. Most of us who went last year thought the rigours of the G5 entrance series were over. Unfortunately, after we dropped the 50 m pitch (last year's limit) the cave got progressively nastier with water carving its way down an immature trench so you have to traverse between walls of slimy mud horror, heading in completely the wrong direction for the hoped connection. An alternative route involved a soaking in a flood prone cave. At least living in the mountain pub was fantastic.

>Someone dropped a *big* rock on Lev at the >underground camp. Thankfully there were three people around to free him, but no caving for him for a while because his ankle is 'fucked'.

Lev recovered enough to do some derigging, blessing the final trip by shitting himself. His Picos bid for the Lemming by sending a large piece of rock attached to himself down a big pitch sounded much more exciting than anything that happened in the Dachstein! And what about those immense chambers in upstream 2/7, and the streamway coming from Aliseda that Rich/Rob/Lev talked about? Sounds like a really successful year in 2/7. I hope Pip does a good take on 'University expeditions' versus 'hard caver expeditions' at the BCRA this year!