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23rd August 2000

From Chris Rogers

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Oh, and don't forget 10/9! Pipsqueak proved to have widened itself in the past year as Doyle and I made it through twice each without too much difficulty :) More alien changes?

Below that the passage goes in two directions - I followed the water in the direction Rich G went last year and reckon I went about two metres further than him :) Down a nasty tight slope to a nasty tight squeeze which I decided not to go through on account of its nastiness - maybe could do with hammering or something??

Doyle followed a dry route below Pipsqueak up a short aven to an awkward squeeze which he decided not to go through on account of its awkwardness.

Still, the 300 metre pitch into 2/7 is just around the corner ... waiting til next year :)

Hugs, Chris :)