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From Hilary Greaves, 2/9/2002.


The expedition now has all of its 4 members. We met up in Kunming on Saturday, and now we're in Zhongdian going our separate ways...

Rich and Gavin are going to investigate the mountains ~20km west of Zhongdian (the geo map tells us these are of sharply dipping limestone beds, and they're the ones Xiao Gang described as "no trees, only stone"; also Rich and I saw them a few days ago from a bus route just north of Zhongdian, and the tops at least look very Picos-like.

Beardy and I get the bus to Weixi today (SW of Zhongdian). The bus route should take in (or at least cross) the Yangtze just to the west of R&G's mountains, so we may do some resurgence-hunting. Don't know where we'll go after Weixi: if the route looks interesting we'll retrace it with stopoffs, might investigate the Lancang from Weixi, and/or head south to Liming (between-ish Weixi and Lijiang - another of Xiao Gang's tipoffs).

We're all meeting up again in Kunming next Sunday morning, unless we change our minds via text message in the meantime, after seeing what work we've got in this area.

After Kunming then Nu Jiang!