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2003 Yunnan Expedition Reports

Yunnan Province, China

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This was a 10-person expedition to carry out further exploration of this very promising area - massive depth potential in a hitherto untouched (by grubby Western speleological hands) limestone massif. The expedition has now returned to the UK.

Yunnan 2003 expedition website

Reports were posted here as they come in.

26/8/03 Hilary Greaves Preliminary Expedition Report
17/8/03 Rich Gerrish Report: Surprise find on the last recce
14/8/03 Rich Gerrish Report: Up with the yak herders
4/8/2003 Hilary Greaves Report: There's bad news..... and there's (very) good news!.. DCITWWD? ( top end).
4/8/2003 Rich Gerrish Report: Deepest cave in the world, with disco ? (bottom end)
26/7/2003 Rich Gerrish Report
15/7/2003 Hilary Greaves Plans: We'll be out of the country from today until 24 August. Mostly we expect to be based close to the town of Zhongdian in north Yunnan, with two main projects: (i) exploring a resurgence by the Yangtze 20km or so west of Zhongdian, (ii) recceing the mountain range between Zhongdian  and the Yangtze, looking for high level entrances. It's also pretty likely that from time to time splinter groups of 2 or  more will go off to take an initial look at other areas.

Background info: Yunnan 2002 reports, Yunnan 2002 Expedition Website