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For general queries about OUCC, contact the Secretary or the Chair; or failing them, the President, who may not know what's happening but probably will know who does.

OUCC is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/181624371923509

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What Who College / Dept. Email
("Senior Member")
Steve Roberts St. Edmund Hall president@oucc.org.uk
Chair & Training Sarah Day Somerville chair@oucc.org.uk
Secretary Isobel Innes Christchurch secretary@oucc.org.uk
Meets Secretary Rosa Clements - meetsec@oucc.org.uk
Senior Treasurer * Jeremy Welch University Offices treasurer@oucc.org.uk
Junior Treasurer * Mabel Rice University treasurer@oucc.org.uk
Equipment & Lamps Vlad Catanea Balliol gear@oucc.org.uk
Safety Vlad Catanea Balliol safety@oucc.org.uk
Welfare Fiona Zhang Queen's welfare@oucc.org.uk
Alumni Steve Roberts St. Edmund Hall alumni@oucc.org.uk
Webmaster Steve Roberts St. Edmund Hall webmaster@oucc.org.uk
IT meister John Pybus Humanities Division tech@oucc.org.uk
Library Steve Roberts St. Edmund Hall library@oucc.org.uk

* Desperate to pay off those debts to OUCC ?  Three easy ways to pay - in order of the Treasurers'  preference:

  1. Go to Oxford University Stores  and make a “Miscellaneous Trip payment” of your choice with a debit or credit card.
  2. Pay in directly to
    OU Cave Club
    Lloyd's Bank, Carfax, Oxford
    s/c: 30 - 11 - 27
    a/c: 00232090
    But tell the Treasurers what you have done, and why!
  3. Write a cheque, payable to "OU Cave Club" (not to "OUCC": too many OU<C*>Clubs)
    and send it to: Jeremy Welch, Gibson Building, Radcliffe Observatory Qtr, Woodstock Road, OXFORD, OX2 6GG  (you can use the University's internal post system.)