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Social Meets, Michaelmas Term 2020

The club would normally meet in Oxford on Wednesday evenings.

General information about such meetings has been retained below for information  about what we hope will be restored before too long.

For this term at least though, our social meetings will be virtual.
Please sign up to one of the OUCC mailing lists to be sent links to the meetings.
(New members who gave us their email address will also be notified of meetings for this term even if not on the standard mailing lists.)
Also keep an eye on the OUCC Facebook pages!

If in doubt, please contact the Secretary (Sarah Day): secretary@oucc.org.uk

At most meetings ("Social") there is general chat, beer and socialising; occasional meetings might include a short talk about caving.
Termly and Annual General Meetings are where the club membership and committee discuss and plan the running of the club;
the AGM is also where the committee for the next year is decided. (TGMs are in Michaelmas and Trinity terms, the AGM in Hilary term.)

New members are always welcome. Just contact anyone on the Committee or (turn up to a meeting.. we wish!).
See also how to subscribe to the OUCC email lists.  

Week Day  What? Where? When?


Weds 14th Oct Rory Rose: Welcome Talk online 18:00
2 Weds 21st Oct Sarah Day:The Freshers' Experience: First caving trip - what to expect. online 20:30
3 Weds 28th Oct Nick Edwards: New Zealand caving online 20:00
5 Mon 9th Nov Jim Sheppard: Sierra del Cuera / Walking the Camino online 20:00


Weds 11th Nov Steve Roberts: Technology and Caving: How equipment and techniques have changed. online 20:00


Weds 18th Nov Reuben Harding: TTBA online 20:00
7 Weds 18th Nov Thomas Leung: Vietnam caving online 20:00


Mon 30th Nov Fleur Loveridge: Myanmar online 20:00
8 Weds 2nd Dec Termly General Meeting: dicussion about the club's operations and plans for next term. Do please attend and help shape what the ckub will do next term and beyond... actual caving, we hope!
Minutes of past meetings are here.
online 20:30