OUCC President's Invite - 2014

The Old School House, Chapel le Dale

October 10 - 12, 2014

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"Never again" - the President's Refrain in the after-dinner speech. By which he means that never again will he say he's not going to organise it next year.

Quite a bit of water underground, clear  and sunny on the surface (OK, so it's not going to be sunny underground).

Caves done this year: Alum Pot, Valley Entrance, Lost John's. Walks up Penyghent, Ingleborough, and along Stainforth beck. Simon didn't go flying and Jo and the gathering went to a storytelling in Settle.

Many thanks to Phil Rose, Jim Sheppard and Margot Sargent for food buying and hauling, Simon Goddard for gear hauling, Paul Mann for dinner cheffery and everyone for being there, helping and enjoying!

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Sunday Morning Group Photo. Hover the mouse for names. Click on a background bit of the picture for a full-resolution version.

Steve Roberts Oct 12, 2014

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