OUCC President's Invite - 2015

The Old School House, Chapel le Dale

October 9 - 11, 2015

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The year the President found that after even a fairly short and gentle caving trip (by the standards of his youth), he felt that he had been expertly beaten up and had to go to bed early.

The weather was kind; no rain, and despite a wet week beforehand, only moderate amounts of water underground. Not quite verging on "sporting".

Caves done this year: Swinsto, Valley Entrance, Sunset Hole, Yordas Pot & Cave, MereGill, Great Douk (with rubber duck race), Thistle and Runscar. Walks up  Ingleborough, and to Malham Cove; only Jim walked arouind by the tarn as well - the rest of us were resting our knees.

Many thanks to Phil Rose and Jim Sheppard for food buying and hauling,and and Margot Sargent for making the ground-breaking suggestion of putting in an online-order to Tesco for the main food delivery. Next year I might even get the quantities right.  Thanks all the various cooks, washers-up, and bunk-house cleaner-uppers.

More pictures soon.




Sunday Morning Group Photo. Hover the mouse for names. Click on a background bit of the picture for a full-resolution version.

Steve Roberts Oct 12, 2015

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