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Proceedings 5 (1970)

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Proceeding forward

G.C. Cox

The Proceedings is now firmly established as an occasional publication. There can be little doubt that it is better as such than as an annual report of the club's activities. Accounts of the umpteenth Freshmen's meet to Swildon's may be amusing to those who took part, but are of no interest to anyone else. It is 3 years since the last Proceedings appeared and this is the largest and most varied issue ever - as well as articles about caving in Spain, north America and Yorkshire it contains a short story about caving in France and a crossword about caving everywhere. Included are the full report of the club's 1969 expedition, the report of the 1968 mini-expedition, and a geological article based on the 1967 expedition. (The main report of the 1967 expedition is still available from OUCC at 4 Keble road Oxford.) It is impossible to predict whether Proc. OUCC number 6 will appear, but I think I can safely say that it will not be soon, and also that it will be worth waiting for. I hope that those who have waited three years and eight months will feel the same way about this issue. Let as proceed....