OUCC Proceedings 7 (1975)

North Spain 1975 - General

Martin Laverty

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The 1975 Expedition

No official O.U.C.C. expedition took place in 1975 after a lack of interest following the breakdown of plans for an expedition to Poland, by which time permits for a serious caving expedition would have been difficult to obtain anyway. Bill Collis - a well-known Hispanophile - arranged an expedition around a walking holiday for some members of the Oxford University Rambling Club. Three cavers also went and investigated some entrances, met other caving expeditions, drank, ate and lazed about - but not necessarily in that order.. There were two O.U.C.C. members: Bill Collis and Martin Laverty; Mike Cowlishaw of B.E.C. and Steve Newton, another Oxford undergraduate, who had been persuaded to take a car and take up caving by Bill. The ramblers also became interested in caving and found some possible entrances which may be investigated in an expedition in 1976.

Only results which are complete or relevant to previous work have been reported in the hope that 1976 will produce enough results for a report of its own based on reconnaissance in 1975. One very interesting possibility for the future is the - at present 350m deep and 2km long Pozo de Vega el Forcau which has been partially explored by E.S.I.E.C. a Barcelona caving group and has its entrance at about 1,470m in the Western Massif of the Picos de Europa.