OUCC Proceedings 7 (1975)

Edited by Martin Laverty


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The 1973 expedition wishes to thank the Gilchrist Educational Trust and the Spalding Trust for financial support, and the Oxford University Expedition Council for their advice and generous donation. We also acknowledge all those who helped the expedition personally, especially the Cave Research Group of Great Britain, Dr. M. Sweeting as our home agent, Dr. A. Colson for generous encouragement.

Individual members of all expeditions wish to thank the A.C. Irvine Memorial Trust for its financial assistance and the grants from Brasenose (1973 & 1974), Wolfson (1974) and Worcester (1974) to expedition members are also gratefully acknowledged.

All expeditions are especially grateful to Dr. Juel-Jensen for medical advice and supplies and to the B.C.R.A. for approval of our plans.

We also wish to thank the Expedition Council for extra money to offset rises in publication costs since 1973 and the Clarendon Laboratory for reducing surveys

Thanks to Miss D. Toft for typing and allowing spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Last, but by no means least, we thank the people we met in Spain for making our stays so enjoyable, the people of Rales being especially thanked for allowing us to stay for three successive years.