OUCC Proceedings 7 (1975)

Edited by Martin Laverty


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It is only just over a year since Proc. O.U.C.C. 6 emerged, having been delayed for 2-3 years. This issue was not envisaged for some years since the 1973 expedition results were supposed to be published by the Oxford University Exploration Club because of a University rule governing expeditions awarded university money. However, by the summer of 1975 the O.U. Exploration Club finally decided that they could not produce the report - having kept it hanging about for over a year, and gave us back the original money set for a report in the expedition accounts.

Results from expeditions in 1974 and 1975 have generally been incorporated with the original reports from 1973 where appropriate and so I hope the distinctive approaches of the different writers have not been altered too much by the editing which has been necessary.

No reports on any other club activities have been included since they generally amount to only routine sporting trips during the term and Christmas and Easter vacations. Lack of keen car-owning cavers precludes such work as digging because of the transport difficulties. The only other noteworthy trip undertaken by any members was a trip to the Chourun des Aiguilles with a group from Derbyshire led by Clive Westlake of the Eldon P.C. which two members participated in - one getting to the bottom, the other retiring injured with a severely gashed hand. This has been reported in Descent and the Journal of the Burnley Caving Club (N. Smith 1975), as well as by Clive Westlake in a B.C.R.A. Bulletin.