OUCC Proceedings 7 (1975)

Caves in the Socueva Area

Guy Cox

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Cueva de Chinchana

The inhabitants of Socueva had repeatedly told us of a cave west of the village; since it was evidently in the fallen block of limestone in the valley bottom, we took little interest. However, we eventually convinced ourselves that none of the holes in the solid limestone cliff above the village led anywhere, and Peter Urben and Guy Cox went to investigate the Cueva de Chinchana.

The cave is not entirely a relic system; a small trickle resurges from the entrance. Several holes in the cliff face communicate with an intricately meandering passage. After 20m or so is a short pitch, down which we dropped our only carbide lamp, which went out. A careful climb down in the dark (we had no matches) retrieved the lamp. When lit (on the flint) it revealed that it had landed on a ledge, and the pitch continued for another 2 or 3m. We decided that at least a helmet ( and preferably a lamp each) would be advisable for future exploration. However, unless our interpretation of the geology is completely mistaken, there is no possibility of an extensive system.

To the east of Socueva, we are told, is another cave, the Cueva del Agua. This is in the main limestone mass, and seems much more promising. Unfortunately all our attempts to find it were fruitless - a guide will be needed.