OUCC Proceedings 8 (1976)


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Grateful thanks are due to many individuals and organisations, especially:

Nos gustaria agradecer nuestros collegas y amigos por todo su interes y assistencia


Sports Council Oxford University Expedition Council Drapers Company The Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Assistance in organisation

Mr S.R.G. Newton (who sadly had to withdraw from the expedition in June, after being secretary). Mr. A.Fuller (Home Agent)

Dr. J. Walsh; Dr. J.D. Wilcock BCRA; Dr. J.D. Bell; Dr. M.M. Sweeting - All of whom acted as referees.

Sr Alcalde D. P. Corao, Sr D. J.L. Garcia (Presidente, Seccion de Espeleologica Sautola de Santander), Sr D. E. Romeru (Presidente, Comission Nacional de Geologica), Sr D. J.M.S. Diaz-Estebanez (Presidente, CAEPE).

M.P. Altairac (Speleo Club Alpin Languedocien).

Provision of free or reduced price food and equipment

Mr. P. Cardy (telephone wire)
Troll Products (bolts etc.)
Mr. C.D. Westlake (Material for tackle bags)
Prestige Ltd. (pressure cooker)
Tate and Lyle Ltd. (sugar and syrup)
Van den Burghs, Jurgens (Margarine)
Batchelors Ltd (soups)
Weetabix Ltd (Alpen)
Bryant and May Ltd (matches)
Royal Geographical Society (clinometer and altimeter)
Mr. R. McHaffie (portable generator)
Johnson & Johnson Ltd; Ciba-Geigy; Dr. Juel Jensen (Medical supplies)

Much of the above was obtained through the Oxford University Exploration Club Joint application scheme for expeditions.