OUCC Proceedings 8 (1976)

Equipment & Survey Notes

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Much more rope and ladder was taken than was finally required, other equipment in anticipation of an extensive and deep cave exploration - including portable telephones - was also taken.

All but one pitch in Forcau, and all other large pitches descended, were tackled by single rope techniques, using 10mm 16 plait terylene rope made by Marlow. All pitches in Forcau were bolted for a free hang and had back up bolts and traverse lines. The bolts were Whitworth 1 /16th inch thread, made by Troll. Pozo Palomeru was also bolted. However the bolts were not greased and hangers were removed, so care should be taken if anyone plans to use these. A portable generator proved very useful for charging electric lamps while we were camped in the mountains, but elsewhere in Spain charging can usually be arranged with a bar, or the local carbide can be used.

Survey Notes

All surveys were performed using Suunto compass and inclinometer. Leapfrog techniques were used in preference to fellow-through when this was possible. Readings were taken to the nearest degree and 10cm. with handheld instruments, and noted on plastic (permatrace) pads in pencil, which is easily erased. Calibration was not up to BCRA Grade 5, but sightings on mountain tops ensured no gross errors. Thus Grade 4 is claimed, although most Grade 5 requirements were met.

Data was roughly drawn up in the field to check for obvious errors and was subsequently processed by a network solving computer program to calculate coordinates, resolve loop misclosures etc. Another program laid out the master line. The Forcau survey was drawn up on 'permatrace', the others on tracing paper.