OUCC Proceedings 9 (1979)

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Chris (It's about 40 ft) Anckorn, WMCEG & BUMS (Skippy)

Mike (Oh dear, it's upside down) Busheri, OUCC

Mike (What are you complaining about) Clarke, WMCEG (Skippy)

Al (Greetings World!) Cousins, CUCC

Ian (My tights keep me warm) Dumbleton, SUCC

Simon (Cor, it's a Camberwell Beauty) Fowler, OUCC

Mark (It can't be that bad) Godden, OUCC

Stephen (If this was Ffestiniog..... ) Green, OUCC

Pete (What's the Spanish for "I want to sc*e* your.....) Ireland, OUCC

Martin (Just over the next hill) Laverty, OUCC

Liz (I never realised cavers were so...) Lloyd-Jones, Bournemouth

Graham (At a conservative estimate) Naylor, OUCC

Colin (It's gone septic) Nicholls, OUCC

Kev (Is there any more) Senior, SUCC

Jim (I'm making great sacrifices) Sheppard, OUCC

John (.....it, it's broken) Singleton, OUCC

Dave (Pray it doesn't rain while I have a sh....) Thwaites, OUCC

Kathy (Food, Kev...) Young.

Jim, 38, appears by kind permission of his wife. He has standard deviation of 19 years and fancies himself as a big shaft man.