OUCC Proceedings 9 (1979)

Smaller Caves near Cueva del Osu [area map]

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John Singleton and DaveThwaites

Crowbar Cave is a tight rift leading to a small passage blocked after 10m. Shifting the blockage with a crowbar of wood revealed a 150mm wide rift.

Cueva de los Enaños (Midget's Cave) consists a drop into a rift with a small aven, leading to a passage which rapidly becomes too tight. Suggestions for pushing parties included ten emaciated dwarves (come back, Graham!) and a tonne of dynamite.

¿Estaba Frondosa? (Was it leafy?) starts with an awkward, greasy climb down into a rift with a floor up to 1m deep in leaves. The cave contains a few small chambers (also full of leaves) and an eyehole to the surface, but the rift rapidly becomes too tight to follow. Perhaps this cave, which has an impressive entrance, would go if the leaves were dug out.

Leaf Cave has a small entrance and a leaf choke.

Another Cave is entered by a steep mud slope at the bottom of a shakehole which leads to a tight 2.5m drop in jagged rock. A chamber after some boulders ends in a blocked 4m deep shaft.

And Another Cave is a small, 3m deep hole.

Yet Another Cave is a rift which leads off from the bottom of a shakehole and chokes after 8m.