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Proceedings 10 : "Pozu del Xitu"

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We would like to thank the following sponsors who have helped us over the past three years:


Batchelors Ltd. ( Dried Food )
Damart Ltd. ( Thermolactyl Underwear )
Karrimor of Accrington Ltd. ( Rucksacks )
Morning Foods of Crewe ( Porridge )
Marlow Ropes ( SRT Rope )
Troll Ltd. ( Bolt Kits, Tackle Bags etc. )
The Mulu Expedition ( Hammocks, Dyes etc. )
St. Ivel ( Dried Milk )
Touchwood Sports Ltd. ( Caving and Camping Gear )
Mountain Equipment ( Vista Eskimo Sleeping Bags )
Direct Foods


Sports Council of Great Britain
A. A. Paton Memorial Fund
A. C. Irvine Fund
Barbinder Trust
Ghar Parau Fund
The Secretan Fund
Drapers Company
Oxford University
Oxford University Expedition Club
The Gilchrist Fund
Christian Salveson Ltd.
The Birmingham Evening Mail
The West Lancashire Evening Gazette
The Observer Colour Magazine
The Sunday Times


Wells-Shackleton Partnership, Civil Engineers ( Computing Facilities )
Cowburn Bers and Bray ( Printing Facilities )

Proc. 10

Many thanks to Al Cousins and Sandra, who, although not part of the Expedition, did a magnificent surface survey of the Ario area in 1981. Thanks also to Tom Houghton for doing the pasting and Steve Cope for the typing.


We would like to thank the BCRA, CNE and CRNE for allowing us to work unhampered in the Picos de Cornion.

Many thanks to all our friends in Spain, especially:
Sr. Amador Gonzalez ( Ramos ) of the Refugio Entrelagos who gave us many fine meals, hot showers and mucho vino during the three Expeditions.
Manola and Eduardo, wardens at the Refugio MVA, Ario, who tolerated several smelly English cavers messing up their superb hut for six weeks at a time with good humour.

Thanks are also due to Skunk, Rae, Dudley, Dave T., Clive, Sean, Oxford University Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Pete, John F. And George for providing expedition vehicles at one time or another. We are especially grateful to Nick and Alison White, who gave many hours of their time to renovating the Club Landrover in time for the 1981 Expedition.