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Proceedings 10 : "Pozu del Xitu"

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Drawings and Cartoons

web_belay.gif (20928 bytes)

OUCC Web Belay

snails.gif (1906 bytes)

Snails on the Wall

climax.gif (6516 bytes)

Climax Rift *

gbu.gif (5383 bytes)

Graham's Balls-Up *

packing.gif (10038 bytes)

Packing for Camp

skip.gif (4128 bytes)

Skippy on the Big Pitch *

bettalite.gif (5664 bytes)

The Singleton "Bettalite"

camp1a.gif (2579 bytes)

Camp Fantasy 1

camp1b.gif (2457 bytes)

Camp Fantasy 2

camp1c.gif (2406 bytes)

Camp Fantasy 3

before&after.gif (17614 bytes)

Before and After Xitu

photo1.gif (4897 bytes)

Cave Photography

perversas.gif (2824 bytes)

Las Mujeres Perversas *

* Cartoons marked thus are "bonus extra tracks", not in the published Proc 10 - I found them when riffling through the "original materials" file. Originally rejected by a cruel editor, they are here exposed to the cold light of www public viewing.