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Spain 1982-3

Larry "Carbide A-sist" Caldwell (Smokey) ('83)
Ursula "I'm so incompetent" Collie ('83)
Paul "I'm a long way from a place of safety" Cooper (MO '82, T '83)
Chris "It's just a plook near your bum" Danilewicz (Dani) ('82, '83)
Steve "Lets have a coup!" Gale (S '82)
Richard "Waah!" Gregson (S '82, '83)
Mark "Apologies, chaps!" Godden ('82)
George "I'm living with a salamander at the moment" Hostford ('82. '63)
Kevin "I'm really into Rohan" Hostford ('83)
Martin "And now one at f8 in stereo" Hicks ('82, '83)
Ian "My pee glows in the dark' Houghton (Bulls--t Explosion) (AS '83)
Tom 'Eheu Eheu Eheu!" Houghton (T '82)
Jan "Be with you when I've repacked my fifth rucksack" Huning ('82. '83)
John 'Snails are so juicy when they copulate" Hutchinson ('83)
Helen "You thing eat?" Kay ('82, '83)
Martin "It won't go" Laverty (Lavatory) ('82)
Steve "Pity there aren't any hard caves in Britain" Mayers ('83)
Chris "Nice to see you" Morris ('83)
Graham "I've got to get out of here....FAST! (sic)" Naylor (L '82, L'83)
Colin "Physician, heal thyself!" Nicholls ('83)
Cathy "This Expedition's a gourmet experience" Pritchard-Jones (Madge)('83)
Andy "I'm taking up canoeing" Riley (T '82, '83)
Steve "We'd be buggered if it weren't for friction" Roberts (TM '83)
Dave "I am not a prima donna!" Rose (20 '82, P0 '23)
Phil "But I can drive" Rose ('83)
John "Well if you won't pee in your stinkie, I will" Singleton ('82, '83)
William "Harness: check! Krabs; check! Ascenders; check! Brain: check!" ...
    "Help! Am I being sick on the bed or out of the window?"...
    "Can one of the doctors help me?" Stead (Bed-Stead)('82, '83)
Sarah "Richard's got a nasty virus" Whibley ('83)
Iestyn "We're doomed, we're doomed!" Walters (Waldo) ('83)
Mark "When I was in the Falklands" Willbourne RN ('83)
Penny "Cor Blimey!" Williams ('82)

Spain '83 and Gibraltar

Chris Danilewicz CL)   
Michael England
Andrew Goring
Stephan Grimmer
Ray Lyons       
Sean Sculley (MO)
Anthony Swithenbank

Borneo '83

Chris "Rat" Ankcorn (Skippy)(MO)      
Richard Gregson (MO)
Tom Houghton (MO)    
Martin Laverty
Pete Shewell (Shoves) (MO)


 AS=Assistant Secretary, L=Leader, MO=Medical Officer, PO=Press Officer, T=Treasurer, TM=Tackle-Master.