OUCC Proceedings 12 (1986)

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by William Stead

Skittle Alley     8m          25' ladder         Bolt       
Spit Climb* 6m 10m rope Bolt, natural
Second 12m 40' ladder Naturals
Third 5m 15' ladder Bolt
Fourth* 4m 15' ladder Bolt
Non Deficiam 12m 15m rope Bolt, naturals
Sixth 10m 15m rope 2 bolts
Seventh 7m 25' ladder Naturals
Wingnut's Rift 9m 30' ladder Bolt        
Penultimate 20m 25m rope Naturals
Traverse 15m rope Long wire
Big Pitch 35m        40m rope Naturals
Picnic Rift 7m 15' ladder   V. long wire, bolt
Stream I 10m 30' ladder Naturals
Stream II 10m 30' ladder Naturals
Back Door to the East 5m 30m rope Long wire
5m Long wire
15m Long wire
Traverse line 7m 10m rope Long wire or bolt at head of G.B.U.
Spectacle Series*
6a  9m 15m rope V. long wire, bolt
7a 13m 20m rope Bolt, natural

* Optional

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