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Number 1, October 1962

OUCC 1961 expedition to North Spain (area - Lago Enol) 60 caves investigated, 30 surveyed. Pozo Palomeru: Cueva del Viento (here un-named): Cueva Orandi: Cave of the Snow (C15). Small caves in Vega de Comeya. Surveys of Palomeru and Cave of the Snow .

More complete report in C.R.G. Publ. 14 (see below). See also the account by John Wilcock in Proc. 12 (Link).

Exploration in UK: Graveyard Series, Lancaster Hole (survey); Aygill Hole, Bouther Gill Cave (Wharfedale) (survey). Afton Rift Cave (Devon) (survey).

C.R.G. Publ. 14: Oxford University 1961 Expedition to Northern Spain.

(Nov. 1965)

Transport: Catering: Supplies: Domestic organisation in Spain:


Water Analyses and Hydrology: Trema spring; Vega de la Cueva rising (Enol spring): temp, flow rate, pH, Ca and Mg content. List and Map of Sinks (S1 - S17) and risings (R1-R15) near to Enol.


Cave Discoveries

Pozo Palomeru, Cueva del Viento, Cueva de Orandi, P9, P10, P11, C16, P2, P3. List of Potholes P1-P14, P17, P20. List of Caves C1-C22, C35, C36, C38. List of Blocked entrances B1-B12

Surveys :

Pozo Palomeru (P1), Cueva del Viento (C15), Cueva de Orandi (P14), P9, P13 (near Vega el Texu), P10, P11 (Cerro de Sohornin), Cave of the Snow (C16), P2, P8 (near Enol)

Geophysical Survey: Resistance survey over Palomeru.

Report on 1962 Expedition

Cueva del Viento (muddy passage extension); 500 foot pot 'near Palomeru'.

Report on the 1963 Expedition

Pozo los Texos, 450' pot and 600' pot near Texos., Resurgance in Rio Reduma., Pozo Atiquer & Jou Cabau noted.

Descriptions of: C15 (Muddy Passage), C36, C36, C38, P21, P20, P21 (another one ! 160m shaft)

Number 2. Summer 1963

Caving in Spain 1962 (Lago Enol)

Cueva del Viento (C15) (Muddy Passage). Cave (dig) near Vega Redonda Refuge. Small caves near Enol. Two uncompleted pots near P1. Survey Cueva del Viento

Caving in the UK.

A short Guide to Bull Pot of the Witches. Future for Potholing ? (passing of the Golden Age !). Tip Pot, Casterton Fell .(listed in "Northern Caves" as "Casterton Pot"). New Passage in Lancaster Hole (first part of Woodhouse Way ?). Dunald Mill Hole Carnforth, Lancs, SD 515676 (Survey). "A Description of Dunald Mill Hole" (1760) ("most pleasingly horrible")

Number 3, May 1964

Oxford-Derbyshire Expedition to N.W. Spain 1963 (Lago Enol)

Pots near P1 completed. Pozo los Texos. 450' pot near Texos. Alphonso's Hole (near Enol). El Burdio la Pena ("Coventry Cathedral Cave"). Pozo Altiquer (incomplete)

Caving in the UK.

Whitewell Pot, Bowland, Yorks, description & survey. Yorkshire Roundabout. Some observations on recent caving accidents. Yordas Cave, antient descriptions; modern description, survey. Casterton Pot, history of exploration , survey

Number 4, May 1966

Cave Development in the Western Cantabro-Asturio Mountain Chain: List of Expeditions to 1965. Landforms; Speleogenesis. Sketch Maps of Enol area & Felmin area. Drainage of Vega Enol. Chronology. 3D Sketch of Cueva del Valporquero. 47 references

Some Solutional Features in the Karst around Oxford; Maps (Cumnor, Nth. Leigh)

Accidents and Insurance

Letters to the 'Guardian' !

Cave Location in Turkey, Toros Mountains; Lit. survey, 25 refs.

Wales 1965: Ogof Fach SN 97070972: extensions & survey. Small Caves in Hepste Valley (SN 9477.1172, 9478.1180, 9480.1195, 9494.1207)

An Experiment to Estimate the Errors made in Taking Compass Bearings

Club Diary

British Speleological Expedition to the Cantabrian Mountains, 1965

Valporquero area: Sima Grail, Sima el Solitario, Pozo de los Grajos, Cueva del Pozo de Infierno Cueva del Valle del Marques, Cueva del Valporquero, Sil de la Colombina

Enol area: Jou Cabau, Cotozia, Cueva de la Huelga,

Official Report 'in prep.'

Number 5, Jan. 1970

Letter from Canada

The Discovery of Pigshit Pot, Penyghent: (not in "Northern Caves", as far as I can tell)

The Geology of Castro Urdiales: Introduction; Stratigraphy and Rock Types; Structure; Cave Morphology; Sedimentary Structures within the Caves; Mineral Veining; Cerredo; Candina; Conclusions. 7 refs.

Expedition to North Spain 1968: Castro Urdiales: Fuente de Orinon (extension); Ojo Guarena; Cueva de Escalada

Expedition to North Spain 1969: (Llanes area : el Mazuco): The expedition. Caves explored (2 location Maps). La Boriza (Cueva del Agua) (Gd. I survey). Pozo de Fresno. Cueva de Bologo. Other caves in the Arroyo Bolugas system. Caves in other areas

Short Story - "The Devil's Breakfast"

Caving Crossword

Number 6, February 1974

Report on 1971 Expedition to Spain; (El Mazuco Area):

Introduction; Area map.

Cueva la Boriza (Gd 4B survey), inlet series; high level; Geomorphological notes; 2 refs. Torca la Manga(Gd 2 survey). Torca los Corniceros. Cueva Laneveru. Cueva la Borbolla (Gd 1 survey). Cueva de Puron (Gd 3A/4B survey). Small caves: Nacimiento de Cortines; Cueva del Castro; Cueva el Bosque; Arroyo Bolugas.

Cave Diving: Equipment & Preparation; Sites visited: Boriza, Calduenin, Ojo del Rio Bolugas (sketch surveys of all three).

De Fluminente Fluorescente - the trials of testing, comparison of phosphates and fluorescein.

Bibliography of OUCC Spanish Expeditions

Number 7, Nov. 1975

(mainly Rales area, 1973, 74, 75 Expeditions)

N. Spain 1973 - General; N. Spain 1974 - General; N. Spain 1975 - General.

Area Geology Report 1972-3, map, 7 refs.

Cave Descriptions: Rales Cave System (entrance series), Cueva la Juentica (Rales main chamber), Manantial de la Aldea (rising), Cueva de Samoreli / Pozo de Molino (upper streamway) (+ alternative Molino Ent.)

Biological report

other minor caves near Rales

2 surveys of Rales system

Villa area: Cueva Jou (survey). Un-named cave

Llovio area: Abseil Cave (survey). Cueva de Tinganon (survey + survey notes). Cueva Negra (survey). Cueva Adelante.

Socueva area: Cueva de Chinchana. Llamigo area. Llamigo Cave (survey)

Mestas de Ardisana area: Cueva de Llina Lleras. Cueva las Canadas.

Covadonga area (Map): Cueva de Orandi (survey). Cueva la Gueya Reinazo; Trumbio rising (survey). Cueva de la Campana. Cueva Trumbio (survey)

Infiesto - Campo de Caso - Oviedo area (Map): Reconnaisance trips

La Hermida area: Pozo del Infierno. References (7)

Number 8, 1976

Organisation; Equipment notes; Survey notes

Pozo de Vega el Forcau: Location. previous exploration (Spanish: Spanish/British). description. survey

Cueva la Huelga: Previous exploration; location; description; survey

Pozo la Texa (Alphonse's Hole): Previous exploration; location; description; survey

Cueva el Osu (Cueva el Jeada): Location; description; survey

Reconnaissance: Caves of the Venta de Fresenedo area (multiple sink/resurgence systems)

Number 9, 1979

Introductory: Introduction. Location maps and key; geography, maps.

Cave Descriptions

S.W. of Los Lagos: Cueva del Viento. Cueva el Frieru

N.E. of Los Lagos: El Hoyo la Madre (survey). Pozu del Cantu del Hombre (survey). Smaller Caves (Crow pot, Dead Sheep Cave, Pete's Potty (survey) Belbin sink, un-named cave)

S.E. of Los Lagos: Smoked Food Cave. Cueva del Osu (survey). Stone Lid Cave. Cueva del Cana. Small caves near Osu (area map)

Pozu del Xitu (survey)

Small caves near Ario (1/5 - 26/5) (area map)

Silly Rope Tricks ?. Sensible Reply Technique.

Geological notes. Geomorphological notes. Hydrological notes.

The Stinkie Dilemma.

Biospeleological collecting. The ecological relevance of cave communities.

Caving as a behavioural strategy. Speleopsychogenetics. Thoughts of Brummie expedition guests.

A computer goes surveying. Survey statistics.

Number 10, 1981 'Pozu del Xitu'

Introduction. Editorial. The Xitu explorers

Geography of the Picos de Cornion. Maps of the region


Xitu: the cave. The truth about Xitu.

Smaller Caves around Ario: 1/5-30/5, 1/7-6/7, 1/8-6/8, 1/9-3/9

Too Deep or Knot too Deep (Tras la Jayada)

Cave Sciences:

Cave Fauna on the 1979-1981 expeditions. Geology of the Ario region and cave development in Pozu del Xitu. Pozu del Xitu 1981 dye tests

Speleopsychogenetics II

How to do it: expedition photography. How to camp underground.

Expedition medicine - how to plan it. Hypothermia for cavers

Caving gear: A new jammer, The Warsaw Walker. Belays.

General: A Survey of abysmal etymology. After the ball was over.

Obituary: Keith Potter.

Surveys: Small Xitu survey. Large Xitu survey (A0 size). 2/5, 8/5, 12/5, 2/7 & 3/9. Survey of geological features.

Maps: Main expedition areas. Area 5


Number 11, 1984

Editorial. Expedition hall of fame.

Spain '82-'83:

Frontispiece. Introduction. Topography and map coverage

Pozu Jorcada Blanca.

Smaller Caves Investigated in 1982-3. 3/5 (Pozu los Caracoles, 30/5 (Pozu Optimisto),

B1, B2, C3 (Sima Verdelluenga), C4 (Playschool Pot), D1, E1-E4, F1, F6 (Pozu Paso Doble), F7 (Pozu las Perdices).

The geology of Jorcada Blanca. The geology of the immediate region of Pozu Jorcada Blanca.

The topography of the Western Picos

Water tracing in the Western Picos. Some measurements of water discharge in the Los Lagos-Rio Cares area. The hydrological development of Cueva del Osu. An estimate of the palaeodischarge of Cueva del Osu

Biospeleology: a speleopsychogenetic hierarchy. Expedition transport: sick transit, glorious monday

The First Trip down Pozu las Perdices.

Surveys: Pozu Jorcada Blanca, Pozu los Caracoles, Pozu Optimisto, Sima Verdelluenga, Playschool Pot, Pozu Paso

Doble, Pozu las Perdices (entrance series)

Borneo '83

Introduction: Some karst in the Penrissen area of Sarawak. Geological background, geomorphological background, biological background, human and historical background, speleological background, medical aspects.

The Caves: Tang Baan, Tang Chi, Tang Saya, Tang Sungei, Tang Peraba, Tang Toka. Caves in the Bunuk area. Sinks near Gunung Penyok. Caves in the Pedawan area. Caves in the Blimbin area: Temerang and Wah: Semadang cave, Temurang resurgence, Picnic cave.

Surveys: Tang Baan, Tang Chi / Tang Sayah / Tang Paraba, Tang Toka

27 References

What Really Happened

The Saint Michael's Cave System, Gibraltar

The Caves: Old St. Michael's cave. Leonora's cave. New St. Michael's cave. Lower series of Old St. Michael's cave.

Surveys: Old and New St. Michael's Caves.


Some Karst Near Oxford: (Cumnor Hill) List and map of sinks and springs. Chemistry.

A reappraisal of techniques for descending pitches by ladder.

How to rope-walk: introduction, sit harness, ascenders, changeovers, setting up.

Corrosion for cavers: I - Some aspects of the corrosion of caving ladders. II - Corrosion of alloy carabiners

A Simple Charger for NiCad and Lead-Acid Cells