OUCC Proceedings 12 (1986)

Sistema Conjurtao (1/6, 2/6): Tackle List

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Ridge Cave (1/6) Entrance series
1 10m The Five-year Plan 10m ladder Naturals
2 8m 8m ladder Bolt
3 33m Dancing in the Dark 45m rope Natural (traverse), bolt (main hang)
4 10m The Axolotl & climbs 15m line Natural
5 5m Swing Pitch 10m rope Bolts
6 22m 25m rope Bolts
7 25m Borborygmi 35m rope Naturals (traverse), naturals (main hang)
8 6m Borborygmi II 10m rope Bolts
9 8m Borborygmi III 20m rope Bolts
10 16m The Weather Station 20m rope Bolt & natural
11 10m The Weather Station II 15m rope Naturals
12 8m Climb 10m line Natural
13 32m Barney Rubble 40m rope Bolt (traverse), natural (main hang)
14 67m Fred Flintstone 75m rope Bolts and naturals (4 rebelays)
15 22m Dino 25m rope Bolt
2/6 Entrance series
1 122m Eye in the Sky 140m rope 2 large naturals, 2 bolt rebelays
2 32m Prime Time 40m rope Natural & bolt
3 35m Bladerunner 45m rope 2 bolts,  bolt rebelay
4 17m 30m rope Natural (traverse), bolt & natural (main hang)
5 23m 40m rope Natural (traverse), 2 bolts (main hang)
6 Traverse 20m rope 2 bolts
7 75m The Seventy 100m rope Bolt & natural, bolt rebelay
8 20m 30m rope Bolt, bolt rebelay
9 35m 45m rope Bolt, 2 bolt rebelays
10 25m Wilma and Thelma 35m rope Natural & bolt, bolt rebelay
Alternative to 6 & 7
6a 23m Shit Creek 30m rope 2 bolts, natural rebelay
7a ~65m 75m rope Naturals & bolt, 2 bolt rebelays
Dinosaur Beach to Topographic Ocean
16 8m 10m ladder Naturals
17 8m 10m ladder Naturals
18 -25m Fred's Folly (pitch) 35m rope Bolts  (4 rebelays)
19 -10m Fred's Folly (climbs) 15m line Natural
20 50m 55m rope Bolts, bolt rebelay
21 16m 20m rope Naturals (traverse and main hang)
22 20m Rift climb 20m line Naturals
23 43m Hammerhead 50m Bolts, bolt rebelay
24 20m Shot-Peener 30m rope Bolts & naturals
25 Thunder Road (ramps and climbs) 40m line; short ladder Naturals
26 16m Crystal Chamber Pitch 20m rope Naturals; rebelay
27 8m 15m rope Natural & bolt
28 -10m Climb into sump bypass 15m rope Natural
Lower Streamway Series
18a 20m Richard's Rift Climb 20m rope Natural
19a 15m Pitch 30m rope Naturals, bolt rebelay
20a 10m Rats ! 20m rope Naturals