OUCC Proceedings 12 (1986)

F20: Tackle list

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by Ian Houghton

1 24m Entrance 30m rope Bolt
2 3m 3m ladder Natural
3 23m Lone Ranger 30m rope Naturals
4 57m Tonto 75m rope 2 bolts
5 33m A Fistful of Maillons 40m rope Bolt & naturals
6 27m  Pendule Two 40m rope Natural
7 33m 40m rope Bolt & rebelay
8 9m short ladder Naturals
9 30m Rawhide 35m rope Naturals
10 5m short ladder Naturals
11 5m Naturals
12 20m Blasphemy Rift Pitch 30m rope Bolt & natural
13 17m 20m rope Naturals
14 6m short ladder Naturals
15 15m Earnest's Rift Pitch 20m rope Naturals
16 16m Calamity Jane 20m rope 2 bolts
17 30m 35m rope 2 bolts
18 20m Climbs 20m rope Naturals
19 10m Rattlesnake Bolt
20 25m Songs of Praise 30m rope Bolt
21 8m James Herriot short ladder Bolt
22 23m Cascades 30m rope Bolts
23 -15m Into A Night in Amnesia 20m rope 2 bolts
24 13m Out of A Night in Amnesia 25m rope Naturals
25 -22m Ramp 30m rope Naturals
26 40m For a Few Maillons More 55m rope Naturals
27 3m 3m ladder Bolt ?
28 30m The Alamo 45m rope Naturals